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Your chance to participate in the World Series Project is winding down.  Get those cameras out! 

We have more submissions.  Let’s take a look…

Bonus points to David Kennedy

…and Anthony Herr

…They both captured Reds Director of Media Relations Rob Butcher during last night’s broadcast.  Good work, men!

Our faithful participant Patricia Kerster grabbed this screen shot of @DatDudeBP during a commercial for the MLB Fan Cave

…and since Patricia knows of my tiny crush on Zooey Deschanel, she was kind enough to also send this screen shot…

Good work, everyone!


This is the final week to vote for The Burt Awards.  I’m going to announce the winners this Friday.  I’ll be posting “acceptance speeches” from some of the winners, so be sure to check in.  I have a feeling a certain mohawked former Red will be making an appearance.  Stay tuned!

Vote for The Burts HERE, HERE and HERE.

I’ll have more in a bit.  Expect good news,


PS – Happy birthday, Larry!


More results from the World Series Project

First, Patricia Kerster sent this screen shot of a graphic featuring “Big Klu” Ted Kluszewski

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s information from when Klu played for the White Sox, but hey, the guy is best known as a Red and has a statue on Crosley Terrace!


Up next, Devin Reza gets bonus points for capturing Reds Director of Media Relations Rob Butcher as he escorts Albert Pujols to his on-field interviews… 


Keep ’em coming, folks!  Fun stuff.


We received a few more World Series Project submissions.  Check ’em out…

The two above screen shots were submitted by Patricia Kerster.  Our 1961 Reds get a mention! 


How about these shots from Duke of Columbia-Tusculum…

This is a transition graphic that FOX uses when it shows replays or highlights.   Look familiar?  Yep, it’s Great American Ball Park.  Good eye, Duke! 


Want to participate in the World Series Project?  It’s easy (if you have an eye for it)!  Click HERE for more details.

Expect good news,



The Reds announced today that LHP Aroldis Chapman is scheduled to pitch in the Arizona Fall League on October 24, October 27 and October 31.

I have no information on whether the Missile will start those games or appear in relief.


I had a great time last night at the Beer Sellar in Newport for the #HatsOffCin celebration.  Thanks again to all of you who stopped by.  I’ll post  some photos from the event once they are finished being developed at the 1-hour photo lab. 

A big thanks to Charley Frank, Lindsey Lander and our friends at Proctor and Gamble for making the event possible.


 I received a couple of photos from game one of the World Series Project.  Let’s take a look…

Diane Bielo sent us this screen shot of Johnny Bench during last night’s pregame events.  Johnny appears to be blinded by that mysterious light fixture in the middle of the picture.

My main man Jim Church offers us this photo of two former Reds squaring off last night on the big stage; Arthur Rhodes vs. Josh Hamilton

Keep ’em coming, folks!  For more information, click HERE


My two favorite Client Services Reps, Heather and Liz, asked if I could send out a message to any of you who happen to be Season Ticket Holders about their exclusive Season Ticket Holder Block Party group on Facebook.

This community was created to give Reds Season Ticket Holders the opportunity to get to know their fellow plan holders and share their love of the Reds with other passionate fans.

Season Ticket Holders are invited to share their favorite moments and memories at Great American Ball Park through wall posts, photos from GABP visits and more. This group also provides updates on all the latest Reds STH information, upcoming promotions and special events planned just for its members. In short, the STH Block Party is a Reds Season Ticket Holder’s destination for everything Reds (other than Better Off Red, of course)!!

An e-mail invitation was sent out to Season Ticket Holders at the end of the season, but in case you missed it, simply shoot an e-mail to Liz at , and we’ll get you signed up!


I’m kind of goofy-excited about the lovely Zooey Deschanel singing the Star Spangled Banner before Sunday’s World Series Game Four. 


The Reds are looking for over 300 volunteers to help out at this year’s Redsfest.  Are you interested?  Click HERE.

I get a lot of emails and tweets from folks looking for advice on how to break into the sports business, specifically jobs pertaining to the Reds or Major League Baseball.  Volunteering for events like Redsfest is a perfect first step. 


That’s all for now.  More later.  Thanks for logging on !!

Expect good news,



Since the World Series begins tonight on FOX, I have some extra incentive for you Reds fans to watch. 

Beginning tonight, through the end of the series, your assignment is to photograph anything Reds-related on the  FOX broadcast of the Fall Classic.  Even if it’s a reach, I’ll probably accept it.  Everything that’s “fit to print” will be posted here on BOR. 

**Bonus points to those of you who capture a screen shot of my boss Rob Butcher.**

So as an example, if  Arthur Rhodes is shown preparing to pitch in one of the games with an onscreen graphic reading “Last year, for Cincinnati…”, photograph it and send it to me.  A photo of just Arthur Rhodes pitching won’t suffice.

I’ll accept photos from all the World Series games.  But remember, screen-shot photos have to be from the FOX broadcast of the games

Email the screen-shots to me at 


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