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If you missed it yesterday – the Reds avoided arbitration by signing to 1-year contracts through the 2012 season RHP Homer Bailey, LHP Bill Bray and IF Paul JanishRHP Jose Arredondo and RHP Nick Masset are the only remaining Reds players eligible for arbitration.


Reds Caravan Poster #6

Be sure to collect all of the “unofficial” Reds Caravan posters right here on BOR.

And if you want to send in your very own specially-designed Caravan poster, email it to me at If it’s good and in good taste, I’ll post it right here on the blog.


Our man Rich Linville recently took part in the brand new MLB Network game show called Baseball IQ. He took some time to send in a full report (and photos). Enjoy…

I can’t tell you how I did, of course, but I will say the game is challenging. Oftentimes, you can’t believe how obvious the answers are, after they give them to you.

One of the pictures is the wall of signatures from players & other celebs who have visted the studio. I was looking for Johnny Bench or Joe Morgan and the 1st name I saw was Regis Philbin. Also, there is a closeup of Barry Larkin’s signature that he signed last week after he was elected to the Hall of Fame.

One hallway is lined with pictures of the MLB Network analysts. I took a photo of Sean Casey’s pic.

The other 2 pics are from the studio, after our show when the lights were turned off.

The people at the network have been really nice. Being in a place that is nothing but baseball is awesome. Truly an unforgettable experience.



Tune in to MLB Network to see how Rich faired in his appearance on Baseball IQ. Two new episodes will air every Tuesday through Thursday at 9 p.m. ET from Jan. 24 through Feb. 23, leading up to the start of Spring Training — 31 episodes in all.


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Good morning, Fonzies!

First off, happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  

Let’s get things started today with Reds Caravan Poster #4.  Remember, you can collect them all right here on BOR. 


I showed this to Marty over the weekend and he approved…but added  – “you are demented.” 

And my main man Tim Carper from Grayson, Kentucky’s WUGO Radio submitted his version of  a Caravan poster…

I love it!

If you’d like to put together a 2012 Reds Caravan poster, I’d love to see it. If it’s good and in good taste, I’ll post it right here on BOR.  Email it to me at 


Reds minor league catching prospect Tucker Barnhart (who will be traveling with the South Tour on the Carvan) sent me information on a charity football game that will take place in April, benefitting Alzheimer’s research

For more information, CLICK HERE or tweet @IndyBvB.


THIS DATE IN REDS HISTORY (courtesy of Redleg Journal by Rhodes & Snyder)

1913:  The Reds purchase Three Finger Brown from the Cubs.

The future Hall of Fame pitcher had a career record of 195-95 when he arrived in Cincinnati.  Although he was past his prime, Brown was one of the few bright spots on the Reds staff in 1913, winning 11 games and posting a 2.91 ERA.  Brown is arguably the first Red to be used as a relief specialist.  He started 16 games but appeared in 39; in his 23 relief appearances, he picked up six saves, suggesting that new manager Joe Tinker used Brown to salvage wins.


For those of you in the Cincinnati area, stop by the Holy Grail tomorrow night from 6-7pm ET  for another action-packed edition of the Reds Hot Stove League, hosted by Mercury Marty

I’ll be there and would love to say hi to ya.


Received word from Zach Bongreatness that the South Bus of the Reds Caravan (aka, “The Rock Star Tour”) will be responsible for 1,118.4 of the 2,752.9 total miles traveled.  That’s about right.

The North Bus is expected to travel 818.6 miles while the West Bus is going to take it easy this year with a paltry 815.9 miles.

Once again, we’re counted on to pick up the slack.  Shameful.



2 months, 20 days and 5 hours

2 months, 20.17 days

11 weeks, 3.169 days

80.17 days

0.22 years

1,924 hours

115,443 minutes


I’ll have more in a bit.  Thanks for logging on!

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I’d feel a lot more frightened by Friday the 13th if it were a Monday….

…and no, I don’t steal my material from Garfield.


Reds Caravan Poster #3.  Collect them all right here on Better Off Red!

And if you have a Caravan poster you’d like to share, email it to me at  If it’s good and in good taste, I’ll post it right here on BOR.


My favorite baseball writer, Meggie Zahneis, wrote a pretty cool piece on her experience covering her first press conference – the Barry Larkin presser at GABP.  CLICK HERE to read it. 


As mentioned yesterday here on BOR, the Reds’ Rich Linville will be competing on the brand new MLB Network gameshow, Baseball IQ

Today the Enquirer’s John Kiesewetter wrote a nice story on Rich.  CLICK HERE to read it.


THIS DATE IN REDS HISTORY (thanks to Redleg Journal by Rhodes & Snyder)

1988:  The Reds deal Nick Esasky and Rob Murphy to the Red Sox for Todd Benzinger, Jeff Sellars and Luis Vasquez.



  • 2 months, 23 days and 3 hours
  • 11 weeks, 6.096 days
  • 83.1 days
  • 119658 minutes
  • 1994 hours


Finally, I hope you got a chance to check out my guest blog post this morning for Paul Daugherty’s The Morning Line.  I had a good time with it.  Go HERE to read it.


That’s all for now.  I’ll have more in a bit.

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Reds Caravan Limited Edition Poster #2, hot off the presses.  Collect them all right here on Better Off Red


It didn’t take long for the Caravan poster craze to catch on…

Knowing that I’m probably only going to create and post Southern Leg Tour posters, BOR reader Jason Lawrence, who’ll be attending a North Tour stop, took it upon himself to create a couple of brilliant posters advertising the Northern boys. Here they are…

I can confirm that a few members of the Reds Front Office laughed out loud when they saw the one featuring Thom Brennaman.  Nice job, Jason!

If you folks would like to contribute to the Caravan Poster craze, feel free to email your works of art to me at  If they’re well done and in good taste, I’ll post them here on BOR.


There’s some talk about broadcasting a few 2012 Spring Training games exclusively on the internet.  I’m throwing my hat into the ring for color commentator.  If you support that idea, show us by taking it to Twitter with the hashtag #BetterOffSaid. (tongue firmly in cheek on that one). 


Today I’m introducing what I hope will be a regular feature here on BOR.  I’m calling it my week’s Favorite Five. 

This week, I’m listing my favorite five Twitter follows…in no particular order.

  • @IrishEyes1982
  • @Laurie_PDX
  • @LisaBraun
  • @OldHossRadbourn
  • @MoEgger1530

Check back next week for five more favorites.


I’ll have more stuff in a bit.  Thanks so much for logging on.  You folks are the best.

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As you can imagine, it’s been a pretty busy day at 100 Joe Nuxhall Way…

In addition to the “news” that you may have heard, we’re also prepping for today’s 5pm ET Barry Larkin press conference in the Great American Ball Park Champions Club.  I’ll be posting all kinds of photos from the event right here on BOR.  You can watch the press conference on local television (if you live in the Tri-State area), Fox Sports Ohio,, or you can listen live on 700 WLW


This afternoon at 3:45pm ET, I’ll be appearing on Dayton’s 980 WONE-AM.  Tune in or log on.


And I’ve taken it upon myself to create a few Reds Caravan posters to help promote the upcoming winter tour.  I’ll be posting a few of these periodically.  Collect them all!

Whichever Caravan leg you attend (North, South or West), you’re encouraged to bring signs and/or wear t-shirts supporting that specific tour.  If you do so, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be featured here on BOR. 

There’s a friendly rivalry among the tour busses, so any and all support that you show for your favorite will surely be noted!


That’s all for now, I’ll have more in a bit.

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St. Louis’ Keith Hernandez was Tom Seaver’s 3,000th strikeout victim.  

For correctly answering, Jamie Christy (@JamieChristyc7) has been randomly selected as this week’s winner.  Jamie will receive a brand new Better Off Red limited edition t-shirt and a mystery prize from BOR Headquarters.  Congrats Jamie!

Didn’t win?  Don’t sweat it.  We’ll play again next week.


And speaking of Better Off Red t-shirts, do you remember me asking you folks to send in photos of you wearing ’em? 

If you have a BOR shirt – and by this time, you probably do – put it on and take a photo of yourself and email it to me at .  I’ll post it right here on the blog. 

Here are a couple that I’ve already received…

Kara Silver with Reds minor league catcher Tucker Barnhart

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Norris at Niagara Falls


If you haven’t heard, pitchers and catchers report to the Reds’ Player Development Complex in Goodyear, Arizona on Sunday, February 19. After physical examinations, they will work out later that afternoon. Position players will report Friday, February 24 and following physicals will work out that afternoon.

Basically what I’m saying is,  we’re going to have some baseball activity in 45 days! Or if you prefer, 1 month and 14 days – 6 weeks and 3 days – 31 weekdays.

Excited yet?


Lots of you are asking for the schedule of the 2012 Reds Caravan that will take place January 26-29.  As soon as we’re finished finalizing a few things, we’ll let you know the deets right here on BOR and on


That’s all I got for right now.  I’ll have more in a bit.

Thanks for logging on!  I really appreciate it. 

Go Reds!

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—-Happy holidays, everyone!  I hope you’re all enjoying the Umpteen Days of Christmas.  It has certainly been fun giving away all of those cool gifts.  (You only have a couple of “umpteen” days left to win a prize, so good luck!)

—-Be sure to stop by the Holy Grail tonight at 6 for the Reds Hot Stove League.  I’d love to see you all there so I can personally thank you for supporting the Reds and BOR.

If you can’t make it tonight for the live broadcast, HERE’s the link for you to listen to the program online.  I’m going to try and get Little Orphan Marty to say “Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine” over the air. 

—-I’ve been giving out Better Off Red shirts for a long time, now.  I’d love to see photos of you folks wearing them!  Send me the photos via email ( and I’ll post them here on the blog.

That’s BOR fan Tony Arno showing off his Better Off Red shirt at a Buffalo Sabres hockey game.  Tony’s a big Sabres fan and they won that night over the Maple Leafs, so maybe the shirt is good luck?!


Here’s the current Reds 40-man roster (roster is at 37)

Pitchers (16)
33 – Jose Arredondo
61 – Bronson Arroyo
34 – Homer Bailey
45 – Bill Bray
54 – Aroldis Chapman
47 – Johnny Cueto
46 – Carlos Fisher
xx – Mat Latos
44 – Mike Leake
63 – Sam LeCure
xx – Kyle Lotzkar
40 – Nick Masset
66 – Logan Ondrusek
62 – Jordan Smith
xx – Pedro Villarreal
30 – Travis Wood

Catchers (2)
29 – Ryan Hanigan
39 – Devin Mesoraco

Infielders (13)
43 – Miguel Cairo
2 – Zack Cozart
25 – Juan Francisco
21 – Todd Frazier
xx – Didi Gregorius
7 – Paul Janish
71 – Kristopher Negron
4 – Brandon Phillips
xx – Henry Rodriguez
27 – Scott Rolen
xx – Neftali Soto
3 – Chris Valaika
19 – Joey Votto

Outfielders (6)
32 – Jay Bruce
28 – Chris Heisey
xx – Donald Lutz
xx – Denis Phipps
17 – Dave Sappelt
6 – Drew Stubbs


Finally, who says we don’t have fun around here in the offices? 

Check out our guy Patrick McGrath posing in his Irish Christmas Shrine.  That sweatshirt he’s wearing used to be his mom’s (he took the shoulder pads out)….

And I have to give credit where credit is due. Yesterday as I was dilligently writing minor league bios for the 2012 Reds Media Guide, I began getting calls and emails from my fellow employees in regards to a Christmas card that I apparently sent around to everyone in the Reds administration building. The only problem was – I didn’t send out a greeting card to everyone in the Reds administration building.

I was the victim of a prank by my arch nemesis Zach Bonkowski. Here’s the card in question….

Funny? Yeah, a little.  Inspirational? Absolutely.  I’m now inspired for revenge.  I think Zach has forgotten that a couple of years ago, before he went on one of his many vacations, he asked me to house-sit for him.  He gave me the keys to his home.  I still have those keys.  And, I received permission yesterday from the Reds Human Resources Department that I won’t be punished for any retribution served off Reds property.  Let the games begin!


That’s all for now.  Be back with more later.

Expect good news,



I’m still trying to catch up with Redsfest-related items.  I think this post will wrap it up…

During Redsfest, the club announced their 2011 award winners, including Minor League Pitcher of the Year Josh Smith, Minor League Hitter of the Year Denis Phipps, Minor League Player of the Year Billy Hamilton (Chief Bender Award), Reds Most Outstanding Pitcher Johnny Cueto (Johnny Vander Meer Award), Joe Nuxhall Good Guy Award winner Bronson Arroyo and Reds Most Valuable Player Joey Votto (Ernie Lombardi Award).

Drew Hayes won the Minor League Community Service Award.


Record Attendance For Redsfest

CINCINNATI (December 3, 2011) — A record 23,737 fans attended this weekend’s FOX Sports Ohio Redsfest at Duke Energy Convention Center in downtown Cincinnati.

Friday’s crowd of 11,020 was a single-day record.

More than 70 former and current Reds players and coaches participated in this weekend’s events.

Proceeds from Redsfest, to be announced later this week, will benefit the baseball-themed outreach programs of the non-profit Reds Community Fund.


Finally, I received this email from loyal BOR reader Anthony Herr

Hey Jamie,

Umm I think I went to the wrong town for redsfest, I am at the Cape Town International Convention center, and thought redsfest would be here…guess I was wrong! Lol hope all is going good in Cincinnati for redsfest 2011…




I’ll have more stuff in a bit from the MLB Winter Meetings in Dallas. Stay tuned!

Expect good news,



The popular Hot Stove League radio show can be heard tonight at 6:00 p.m. on 700 WLW Radio, via the internet at (LINK HERE) and on the Reds On Radio Network…Marty Brennaman and Jim Kelch will host tonight’s show from the Holy Grail, across the street from Great American Ball Park…Sean Casey, announced yesterday as one of the Reds’ newest Hall of Famers, will call into the show at 6:30.


Jay Bruce will be a phone guest on ESPN 1530 at 4:00 p.m. todayMike Leake will call in to 700 WLW at 5:30.


Here are a few photos from yesterday’s Reds Hall of Fame press conference, courtesy of my colleague Michael Anderson

This slideshow requires JavaScript.








Jose Arredondo, Johnny Cueto, Ryan Hanigan, Juan “Porky” Lopez, Billy Hatcher, and Reds prospect Denis Phipps are all confirmed to attend Redsfest on December 2 & 3 at the Duke Energy Convention Center.

For a full list of player appearances, please visit


And speaking of Redsfest, Reds Director of Promotional Events Zach Bonkowski will be stopping by BOR Headquarters tomorrow to answer your #AskRedsfest questions.  Be sure to tweet your questions using the hashtag #AskRedsfest.


Don’t forget the Hot Stove League tonight on 700 WLW and on  Here’s the LINK to listen.

Following the Hot Stove program, Reds pitcher Sam LeCure will be a guest on tonight’s SportsTalk program on WLW (radio only).  Sam is expected to update us on how he’s doing in the “Movember” campaign and whether is moustache has returned to epic proportions.



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