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Here’s this week’s edition of #AskBOR.  We received a lot of great questions, some of which we couldn’t get to this week, but don’t worry, we’ll include them next time.

Please keep tweeting your questions using the hashtag #AskBOR.  We’ll have a regular installment right here on Better Off Red, featuring your questions and our answers.


Laura @lschmidt84

@Jamieblog Who selects the music and puts together the soundtracks for the Fireworks nights? #askBOR

The Reds Entertainment and Productions department handles the music and puts together the Fireworks soundtracks.  Occasionally, the Reds will ask someone associated with the club to provide a list of songs for special Fireworks Fridays. 


annie hosty@annieh914

@Reds #askbor will there be any new food on the menu at GABP this upcoming season?

Absolutely, check out this LINK


Ryan P@Redsfan_4192

When will we get a peek at the new BOR shirts? #AskBOR

Lisa Braun and I will soon begin discussing plans for the 2014 BOR shirts.  Stand by.  I promise they’ll be cool.


Matt Elliott@elliottm_3

@Reds What kinds of things can fans look forward to social media/attraction wise? Any ideas being floated around? #AskBOR

The new Reds Connect Zone is located on the Main Concourse of GABP behind section 110.  We’re also introducing iBeacons at the ballpark this year.  For more information on both, try this link….


Don Fitzgerald@fitzandgritz

@Reds Any chance Hamilton steals 90+bases this season? Are they trying to get him some more power #askbor

It hinges on Billy’s ability to get on base.  When Hamilton swiped 155 bases in the minors in 2012, he had a .410 on-base pct. (605 plate appearances).  Last year, he collected 75 stolen bases for Louisville with a .308 on-base pct. (547 plate appearances).  If Billy hangs out around the .340 on-base mark in 2014, it’s very likely he’ll steal 100 bases.


Luke Robbins@LukeRobbinsHAHA

As a @Reds fan in Chicago, how can I best support at Wrigley? Signs? Cheers? Help me help you! #askBOR

In addition to “all of the above,” I recommend you dress up as Rosie Red and saunter around the Friendly Confines, blowing kisses at as many Cubs fans as possible.  If you do this, I guarantee the Reds will win.


Don Fitzgerald@fitzandgritz

@Reds are the Reds going to be more aggressive offensively this year? #askbor

Reds manager Bryan Price wants the team to be more aggressive in every facet of the game, including offense.  That’s not to say guys like Votto and Bruce are expected to swing at bad pitches; instead, have better and quality plate appearances.  I think you’ll see the team play with more intensity and determination in 2014.  Bryan’s goal is to make other MLB teams not want to play the Reds.


Kevin Noonan@KNoonan991

@Jamieblog Very general question, but what is your favorite aspect of Goodyear Ballpark? #AskBOR

Goodyear Ballpark, which was just voted the “best place to watch a game in the Cactus League,” is an incredible, fan-friendly facility.  My favorite parts of the ballpark are the wide-open concourses and the berms beyond the outfield.


Michael Snearly@1soonernut

@Reds if votto is gonna be an in base guy instead of an RBI guy why not put him in the 2 hole #AskBOR

Manager’s decision.  I’m sure it’s been discussed and analyzed by Bryan with his coaches and his baseball operations staff.  The thing about Bryan, he’s open to new ideas.  If something different benefits the club, he’ll be the first to jump on board.  That’s not to say he’ll be interested in shuffling lineup spots all season; players feel more at ease (and thus probably perform better) when regularly knowing what their job is (and where they are playing, hitting in the order).


Denise Luellen@nesi66

@Jamieblog Have the rules changed on what can be brought in to GABP with the MLB security changes? #AskBOR

Fans are permitted to bring in sealed plastic bottles of non-alcoholic beverages, food, and bags that are 16x16x8. They will still be searched upon entry. Cans, alcoholic beverages, and weapons are not permitted into Great American Ball Park….Pretty much, the same deal as previous seasons.


Ellis Tackett@ellistackett

“@Reds: @Jamieblog do you know what size shirt the (Star Wars) giveaway will be”

The shirt will be XL to those entering the gates.  However, we will have a limited supply of Mediums available for exchange at Gapper’s Alley during the night of the game (first come, first serve).  The XLs that are exchanged will then be re-distributed at the gates (so don’t spill anything on them, please). 


AndRew Smith@AndRewSmith_77

@Jamieblog Is George Grande calling any games this season? He is the best!

George will be broadcasting various games throughout the season on Fox Sports Ohio, beginning with the 4/18-4/20 series at Chicago.


Jason Vaughn@Jason_Vaughn

@Jamieblog how many “I Conquered The Bacon Challenge” t-shirt’s will the @RedsCowboy (Jeff Brantley) end up with by the end of the season? #NomNom #Reds

I think Vegas has the line set at 81. 


Bob Frey@TastesFreyed

@Jamieblog I notice all the awesome new beer stuff is only on ground level. Peons up top not worth it?

Easy now.  The 85-foot craft beer bar is located on the main concourse where we get the highest level of traffic.  It’s easily accessible to anyone in the ballpark.


Kevin P. Henry@KevinPHenry1983 20 hrs

@Jamieblog Do you think Thom would ever take the reins from Marty or would he remain on TV for the rest of his broadcasting career?

I can’t speak for Thom on this one, but it certainly would be strange not having a Brennaman in the radio booth.  No one loves this city more than Thom and his respect for tradition is unmatched, but your guess is as good as mine.


Jeremy Davis@Jer32382

@Jamieblog- does Bruce have his own foundation?

He does not, but Jay is very active in the community and with charitable causes.


Michael Hartung@handrewmichael

@Jamieblog Any chance of the reds trying something like this ($26 hot dog) one day at GABP?

Maybe, but I think we’d have to order more defibrillators first.


Michelle Haggard@mlhaggard

@Jamieblog will you be hosting twitter scorekeeping sessions again? #AskBOR

Yep, sure will.  In addition to hosting on Twitter (at @BORScore), I will also appear at the new Reds Connnect Zone from time to time to show folks how to keep score of the game.


Kevin Noonan@KNoonan991

@Jamieblog #AskBOR Which position player and pitcher will make the biggest jump from last season to this season?

Position player: Ludwick.  Pitcher: Broxton.


Troy Current@tcurrent

@Jamieblog #AskBOR better chance of winning NL MVP: Joey Votto or Jay Bruce

Joey has won it before, so he’d be my first choice.  But I don’t think it should surprise anyone if Jay finishes his career with an MVP trophy or three.


Joe Garchow@garpike28

@Jamieblog Any ideas as to where Mat Latos will be starting the season? Dayton, Pensacola, Louisville, Arizona?

As I write this, it appears the goal is to have Mat pitch in the season’s second week.


Scott Duebber@duebber

@Jamieblog the one position player who i think will have a breakout season is _______. #losRojos

Devin Mesoraco.



@Jamieblog #AskBOR why would they pick Simon over Sammy to start? Can he not go 5 or more innings? ⚾⚾⚾

Simon is considered the Reds long-relief man, capable of pitching a lot of innings in a pinch.  He’s better suited to spot-start, while Sam is considered more valuable in the relief role that he’s filled over the past several seasons.


Matt Elliott@elliottm_3

@Jamieblog How quickly do you think Latos reprieves his role as the #2 starter? Or does he stay #5 all year? #AskBOR

As you know, the pitching rotation is often tweaked and changed throughout the season.  Mat is considered an ace, whether he pitches the first day or the fifth day.


David Deppen@redsfanDeppen

@Jamieblog Based on personality and locker cleanliness which player would you want to have as a roommate? #AskBOR

I don’t really pay attention to the players’ lockers or cleanliness.  I think I’d prefer to “room” with the player who makes the most money.

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