We here at Better Off Red recognize that there are times when we need a break from the real world to enjoy a chuckle or two.  We’re going to try just that today.

I often tell fans that the “Reds” are your delicious breakfast while Better Off Red is the back of the cereal box; a supplement to what you’re really interested in.  If you’re familiar with the back of a cereal box, it usually has fun games and puzzles and other interested things to keep you entertained while you’re woofing down your Apple Jacks.

Below is some “back of the cereal box” material for you while you prepare for the next Reds game.  Most of this stuff was plucked from the photo folder on my laptop.  Enjoy!

Let’s start with this one…


Look out, Mark!

Quite possibly my all-time favorite (doctored) photo involves writer Mark Sheldon trying to get away from a monkey riding an ostrich.



Former Reds outfielder Brennan Boesch takes his pet AT-ATs out for a walk on the field during Spring Training last year.



Remember when Billy rescued a kitten from high atop a tree? It made the news!






This photo was taken to promote the Reds wearable fleece blanket giveaway. It as actually Bronson Arroyo‘s idea to get the guys together like this to pose for the photo. Remember Daniel Ray Herrera and Mike Lincoln?!



He’s got the whole world in his hands…



Several years ago during Spring Training, I tried to snap at least one photo of Corky Miller everyday. This one is probably my favorite.



It’s easy to imagine Devin Mesoraco being honored during a pregame ceremony…in 1966!



One of the truly bizarre photos I’ve ever seen, and of course, Doug Flynn is in it. That’s him and former Red Joel Youngblood taking their dogs to prom.



Uh oh

Who can forget that time Opening Day was postponed due to Godzilla?



Enchanting Great American Ball Park.


Made with Repix (

Chris Heisey used to moonlight as “Hawk Man” when he played for the Reds.



Trent, John and Froggy

For many years, C. Trent Rosecrans and John Fay would travel to elementary schools and nursing homes to put on puppet shows. Here’s a backstage photo of them before one of their biggest ever shows at Hayes Elementary School in Hamilton.



One of the final days of Riverfront Stadium.



Joey riding Nibbles



“where did he come from?!”

That time an elephant knocked Joey out of the batter’s box.



Mike Leake and Bronson Arroyo survey the field after GABP was infested with sun flowers.



The Iron Sheik make Jim Day humble.



Queen Marty.



Votto vs Vader



The Sam Abides

One of my all-time favorite photos of Sam LeCure.



One of the many times my office in Goodyear was destroyed by interns.



Votto vs. Dragon



Another of Doug Flynn and his dog photo. Look at that afro!


We’ll do this again soon. Hope you giggled!

Expect good news,


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