From my pal @Bongreatness

Leading us in the singing of our National Anthem this evening will be Priscilia Le Foll, who plays “The Shaman” in Cirque du Soleil’s TORUK — The First Flight, inspired by James Cameron’s AVATAR, with performances at U.S. Bank Arena, May 4th through May 8th.

In the middle of the 4th inning tonight the Reds will recognize the loss to our local community of Cincinnati firefighter Jordan Pieniazek with an “In Memoriam” videoboard tribute. (Additionally, Firefighter Pieniazek’s life will be recognized at next Monday night’s “Police & Fire Appreciation Night” during our Moment of Remembrance prior to the singing of our National Anthem that evening.)


Happy Stats:

Jay Bruce has walked 5 times in 24 PA’s (20.8%) versus RHP over the past 14 days (10 games). (MLB Rank: 12th of 215 full-time players in BB% ; League Avg: 8.8%)

Eugenio Suarez has an OPS of 1.086 (51 PA’s) at home this season. (MLB Rank: 11th of 216 full-time players; League Avg: .730)

Opponents are hitting just 2-for-27 (.074) against Brandon Finnegan on inside fastballs this season. (MLB Rank: 1st of 41 qualified SP; League Avg: .262)

Opponents have slugged just .096 (5 Total Bases / 52 AB) against Brandon Finnegan with two strikes . (MLB Rank: 3rd of 135 qualified SP; League Avg: .262)

Opponents have missed 12 pitches on 30 swings (40.0% Miss Pct) against Ross Ohlendorf on two-strike counts this year. (MLB Rank: 7th of 132 qualified RP; League Avg: 25.5%)

Brandon Phillips has a Strikeout Pct of just 10.8% (9/83) this year. (MLB Rank: 16th of 217 full-time players; League Avg: 20.7%)

Tucker Barnhart’s Miss Pct is just 14.1% (12/85) this season. (MLB Rank: 6th of 88 part-time players; League Avg: 23.7%)

Reds hitters have 7 Extra-Base hits out of 11 total hits (63.6% Extra-Base Hit Pct) against relievers in the past 7 days. (MLB Rank: 1st of 30 teams; League Avg: 38.0%)

Hitters are batting just .184 against Reds starting pitchers (19-for-103) when going through the lineup the third time in a game this year. (MLB Rank: 1st of 30 teams’ SP’s; League Avg: .263)

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