New Jerseys and Caps Created to Celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day

Updated Designs Unveiled for Memorial Day, Fourth of July & All-Star Events

Major League Baseball today unveiled its complete lineup of special event uniforms for the 2016 Championship Season. For the first time MLB Clubs will celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in specially designed uniforms. As in previous years, uniform designs were also created to recognize Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. In addition, new looks will be featured during the All-Star events in San Diego with special caps worn during the All-Star Game and new uniforms for Gatorade All-Star Workout Day which includes the T-Mobile Home Run Derby. MLB, Majestic and New Era worked together to create the new designs.

MLB will again donate its licensed uniform royalties that are connected to charitable initiatives. Proceeds will be donated to Susan G. Komen (Mother’s Day), Prostate Cancer Foundation (Father’s Day), Stand Up to Cancer (Mother’s Day and Father’s Day), Welcome Back Veterans (Memorial Day and Independence Day) and the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services’ “Support Our Troops Fund” (Blue Jays’ Memorial Day uniforms).

The new Mother’s Day uniforms and caps incorporate pink into Clubs’ regular logos, with all caps highlighted by a dark grey crown and brim. Players have swung pink bats, worn pink ribbons & sported pink wristbands on Mother’s Day to raise funds and awareness to fight breast cancer since 2006.

Father’s Day uniforms and caps will also maintain the same Club marks, but will feature light blue incorporated in the logos. These caps will also have a grey base, similar to Mother’s Day. Players have worn blue ribbons & sported blue wristbands throughout the years on Father’s Day since MLB first partnered with the Prostate Cancer Foundation in 1996.

For the eighth consecutive year, MLB and New Era have created a special cap for teams to wear during Memorial Day games, while Majestic has designed a special matching jersey for the fourth year in a row. This year’s uniforms utilize a new woodland camouflage design licensed by the US Marine Corps. The Toronto Blue Jays uniform will feature the distinctive Canadian Forces CADPAT design. MLB’s annual league-wide observance of Memorial Day will honor those who lost their lives while serving their country. MLB plans to participate in the National Moment of Remembrance and ballparks on Memorial Day will conduct moments of silence and special pre-game ceremonies. Here is a link to all of the 2016 Memorial Day jerseys and here is a link to all of the 2016 Memorial Day caps.

For the ninth consecutive summer, US-based MLB clubs will sport red, white and blue stars and stripes-decorated caps to celebrate Independence Day. For the second year in a row, clubs will also wear a matching jersey on the Fourth of July. The Toronto Blue Jays uniform will feature Maple Leaf designs on the cap, incorporating the colors of the Canadian flag and will be worn on Canada Day, July 1, as well as July 4.

The jerseys and caps worn on Gatorade All-Star Workout Day, which includes the T-Mobile Home Run Derby, will borrow their design from the All-Star host club, the San Diego Padres. The color scheme this year is patterned after the classic brown and yellow color combination worn by the Padres from 1969-84, a combination San Diego modernized and brought back for the 2016 home Friday alternates. Featuring touches of orange and modeling the lettering made famous by the Padres, the uniforms evoke the style of the late-70’s and early 80’s.

For the third consecutive year, New Era, in conjunction with MLB, has created a new cap design for every team to be worn specially in the All-Star Game. This year’s caps feature a gold outline around teams’ respective logos and a heather grey brim. Also new this year is a set of gold metal stars as the eyelets on the top of the caps’ front panel. Additionally, each cap has a pair of gold stars flanking the silhouetted batter logo on the back of the crown, a practice that began with the 2011 All-Star Game in Arizona.

Jerseys worn during the All-Star Game will again feature a star on either side of the silhouetted batter logo on the upper back, above the nameplates. For the second year in a row, players’ signatures will be printed into the front of their jerseys on the lower, right-hand side; the signature will be surrounded by stars representing the number of All-Star appearances they’ve made in their career. Jerseys will also feature a patch of the primary All-Star Game logo on the sleeve.

All special event jerseys are a part of Majestic’s new Flex Base uniform system, a design developed through insights from Major League players, innovative fabric technologies and extensive wear testing over the last two years. The new Flex Base uniforms feature a new, lighter weight twill technology and mesh panels on the sides of the jerseys which reduce the overall weight of jerseys by 10-20% and enhance freedom of movement. These tops made their debut in Spring Training and will be worn throughout the Championship Season and Postseason. Players will continue to wear New Era’s Authentic Collection 59FIFTY caps throughout the Championship Season and Postseason.

For more information on the charities that MLB is supporting through its 2016 uniforms, see the links below.
Susan G. Komen:
Prostate Cancer Foundation:
Stand Up to Cancer:
Welcome Back Veterans:
Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services’ “Support Our Troops Fund”:

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We’re wearing a “home” jersey for the July 4th game in Chicago?

I love the ASG Workout Cap and Father’s Day Cap. Good stuff!

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