This week’s guest on the Better Off Red Podcast is a must-follow for any Reds fan on Twitter.  He covered the Reds for the Cincinnati Enquirer for the past several years and is now writing about Cincinnati sports for  A long-time buddy of mine and one of my favorite people in the game – John Fay (@JohnFayman).

John joins us in studio to chat about life as a baseball beat writer, his favorite players he’s covered and the current state of the Cincinnati Reds.

Music on this week’s show is provided by the talented singer-songwriter Joe Fletcher.  Check out his album “You’ve Got the Wrong Man” now available on iTunes.

To listen to this week’s episode of the BOR Podcast, CLICK HERE.

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I just listened to the John Fay podcast. Thank you SO much for having him on. I could listen to his insights all day. I do agree with you that his reporting is always fair and informative. I do hope you will have him on again in the future especially after Spring Training and when the season begins.
I’ve really enjoyed the podcasts overall.🙂

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