FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 25, 2015


Major League Baseball issued the following statement today:

“On Thursday, September 24th, Commissioner Rob Manfred met with Pete Rose and his representatives at Major League Baseball’s New York office regarding Mr. Rose’s application for reinstatement. Commissioner Manfred informed Mr. Rose that he will make a decision on his application by the end of the calendar year. Both parties have agreed to refrain from further comment.”

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WOW! I’m as big a Rose fan as anyone, he represented everything a player should be on the field, however he had to know what he was doing was aganist “baseball rules” it shouldn’t matter that he only bet to win, the fact is he gambled. In my opinion he should be allowed into the hall of fame; but not be allowed to have any employement in anything controled by MLB.

Baseball deserves Pete Rose to be remembered properly. Reinstate please.

We all know that Pete is being set up.These clowns will never reinstate him.It’s just a show !

he deserves to be in the hall of fame.

In light of all the other offenses committed in this sport…reinstate with restrictions please !!!!

Mr. Manfred as a Mets fan I support Pete Rose he bet on baseball to win was it wrong yes according to the rules. But his bets were to win not lose or throw games so he could win. I think he has had enough punishment. Allow him back in so he can be enshrined. The people of Cincinnati deserve this. Please allow Mr. Rose the opportunity to be considered for his accomplishments on the field not off the field! Thank you

Pete did no worse than others in football, etc. Put him in the hall of fame. His punishment has gone on long enough.

For those making the assertion that Rose “only bet on Reds to win”, how do you know? I suppose you’re taking his word since he’d never lie to us??? Silly.

Appropriate response to his application would be to reply that all the facts of the initial investigation have been reviewed and the conclusions were found to be correct. In light of the fact that no new evidence has been presented that proves he didn’t bet on baseball the punishment appears to be in line with offenses committed. Reinstatement denied.

He has paid for his mistakes, he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

Pete Rose being banned from the Hall of Fame was a action by the Hall of Fame directors. Giamatti said at the time that he was surprised by the Hall’s actions, that the intention was not to keep him out of the Hall of Fame. Being reinstated by baseball will not change his hall eligibility, the Hall directors need to reinstate him!

put him in the hall of fame betting had nothing to do with the way he played the game Charlie hustle

He didn’t cheat to win. PED users did. There are still some of them playing right now. None of them have been banned. What hurt the integrity of the game more. Alex Rodrigez cheating twice and denying it , or Pete betting? When he was on the field he played his guts out to win every game he was in. He did take any PED’s. Reinstate him so he can be in the hall. Restrict him from being involved in any baseball functions.

I have always been a Pete Rose fan from the time I could remember learning to throw a baseball…I’ve always been a Reds fan but even when he played for the Phillies and Expos I was still a Pete Rose fan. With me knowing about the history about the Black Sox incident and the reason that betting on baseball games as players and managers under minds the games integrity. I have to believe that everyone in baseball knew then and now that you do not bet on baseball…Doesn’t matter to win or lose…NO BETTING ON BASEBALL!!!!! With that said I do believe that the mans accomplishments on the field is undeniable…and the integrity of the game was never in question…Pete played to win…I would be for him being allowed in to the Hall of Fame for his play on the field and being the all time hits leader…but he would never be allowed to hold any position in a ball clubs organization ever…my two cents…

Go to the hall of fame. Pete Rose is honored throughout the museum for his accomplishments. The actual hall should be a place of honor. My wife met Pete Rose once, away from the spot light. She offered him nothing but praise. Pete was an ass. Everything he says in public is a lie. Pete had nothing good to say about the current Reds nor baseball. His statements completely contradicted anything he may say in the media. When you hear Pete Rose speaks in public, know he has his own benefits in mind. The only reason he wants in the hall is to be able to sign “HOF” after his autograph and be able to charge $100 for it instead of the standard $75.. Leave the hall for the actual honorable.

The Baseball Hall of Frame is a joke without Pete Rose in it. How can you keep out the hardest working player ever in MLB history. Why do you think he was called Mr. Hustle, not to mention the player with the most hits in baseball history. What he did was as a manager not as a player but yet players who cheat using steriods and other illegal performance enhancement drugs is ok. They can be reinstated as players.

Baseball Hall of Fame will be a joke if Pete Rose is allowed in it. Period.

He should be in the Hall of Fame for what he did on the field and for the excitement he gave to the fans of the game.

Pete should be reinstated with restrictions. What better guy is there to go visit each club during spring training and talk to the young guys. There is not a better ambassador for the game of baseball. As for the Hall of Fame, they need to get off their holier than thou stance and let Pete be eligible for the Hall. THEY changed their rules AFTER what happened to Pete so he couldn’t get in. Seems a little fishy to me.


Everyone knows Charlie Hustle is one of the best baseball players ever….whether he is in the Hall or not. Do the crime, do the time.

Pete Rose doesn’t need the HOF, MLB, or us fans. We need him.


He didn’t deflate balls to actually win a game like Shady Brady! He didn’t rape or assault a female. Football and Basketball players have done much worse and are still playing. Reinstate him… it’s the right thing to do.

I remember following the Pete Rose saga on WLW live during those days. At the time it was sad to know. HOWEVER…in these later years baseball has been corrupted by steroids to the point records will not be counted as they used to be, induction to the HOF will not be conducted as it used to be. I am not sorry. What Pete Rose did does not even rise to the level of steroid cheating which altered the results of EVERY SINGLE GAME a user played in. It would be a magnanimous gesture for Rob Manfred to reinstate Pete Rose with no restrictions at all.

He deserves t be in the Hall of Fame and the Reds one also

Pete Rose is one of the greatest players baseball has ever seen. To continue to punish him is incredibly shortsided. We all still recognize the great player and he should be recognized by the MLB as a great player and be in the Hall of Fame. By continuing his banned status you are not only hurting him, you are hurting the fans of the man and the fans of the game.

Pete should go into the Hall of Fame. However, he should not be reinstated to Baseball. His actions should keep him away from Baseball forever, or change the rule about no gambling.

I really think the whole HOF issue is minor considering how watered down the HOF has become. More importantly, the issue is to allow Pete back in baseball so he can pass down his knowledge, love of the game, and the correct way to play the game to the newer generation that is important. Baseball puncished the game itself with Pete’s banishment. He’s a tarnished legend, but a legend nonetheless.He has so many great stories to share, that it would be a shame to miss out on them before he’s gone.

Get serious. If he gets reinstated it doesn’t matter. The sports writers will never vote him into the HOF. He gambled. He knew about the Chicago Black Sox, he gambled in spite of it. Were the expulsions from that scandal not enough of a warning for him? And the final irony is that it was the Reds who beat Chicago in that World Series.

Pete Rose is the most worthy Hall Of Fame player I can think of. His accomplishments are unreal. Alex Karras and Paul Horning bet on football and were banned for one year. One Year and Pete is banned for life?? Get real. Let him in while he is still around to enjoy it. I knew him when he was a rookie. Great player.

I have watched Pete Rose since 1964, I was 12yrs old. What a player!!! We all know the stats, aggressiveness he played the game, etc. OK, he bet on baseball. Do I believe he bet AGAINST THE REDS, no, I don’t!!! I don’t have any proof, only a gut feeling. We have guys like Ryan Braun, A Rod, and countless others who have CHEATED, CHEATED and some who are STILL CHEATING….Mark McGuire, and the list is a whole bunch of players…pills that enhanced the performance to change records of baseball and will NOT BE UNDONE. There was little if anything done to these people. They are STILL IN THE GAME TODAY….No one can tell me that what these have done that is any worse than Pete Rose, not even the new guy Commish….My 2 cents for Pete Rose: allow him to go through the process of trying to be elected, it’s not a shoe in!!! Only team he can work for is the Cincinnati Reds as a roving instructor, he’d be great for the organization, put butts in the seats, NEVER can he manage or have a position to coach on the field of Major or minor leagues. It’s just my opinion. He’s paid the price, paid a debt, admitted what he did was wrong. Even the new information this spring, so what!!! How long did ARod, McGuire, Braun, etc, continue to cheat with drugs. Who knows if there is something else they are taking that MLB hasn’t detected. Probably not for Braun he’s having a terrible season…I WONDER WHY???? I’ll have plenty of nay sayers, that’s fine..
Pete Rose draws more fans in Cooperstown at his shop than any other establishment. Everywhere he goes, he is surround by people who love him and want him back in the game, some how, some way.

I HOPE, the new guy on the block in charge of MLB now will have some compassion and give Pete Rose a second chance. HE DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE, what would some of us do, if…if…it wasn’t for someone giving us a SECOND CHANCE????


Ruth and Cobb hit 70 mph stright balls. Gehrig started all his games. Mantle hit the long ball. Ryan struck everybody out. McGwire and Bonds morphed into monsters. Griffey Jr. and Jeter became fan faves. Now our country’s athletes choose basketball, football etc.

Pete Rose hit the ball 4,256 times. And he did it during an era when pitchers were not considered scandilous for throwing a curve or a sinker. There are only three positions he never played. Short, pitcher, catcher. He was captain before The Captain, Derek Jeter was cool. Rose was the captain of the 1975 Reds, the only team in history to be measured with the 1927 Yankees.

Ruth was a womanizing drunk, Cobb was a violent felon, Mantle played while intoxicated, baseball players have been roided up since 1988, Namath is a playboy, ray Lewis killed a person, michael Jordan is actually a jerk too, if you didnt know… Pete Rose gambled on games. We all have too, perhaps. But theres a bigger problem. The best baseball player in history is not in the Hall. 4256 roid free, alcohol free, adultery free, (adultery is a sin), murder free (muder is a sin, and illegal).

Reinstate Pete. He deserves to be in the Hall Of Fame.

What’s worse….Rose betting on baseball or Barry Bonds head tripling in size throughout his career?

Many other players are in the hall that have done worse than betting. the list is to long to name. Let him in based on what he did while he played in his prime. Pete’s downfall is he admitted to doing wrong wrong unlike Brady. 20 years is long enough to punish someone for gambling. Next Joe Jackson.🙂

I remember if Pete went o for 4 everyone assumed he has the flu waiting in the garage after the game for autographs how thick his chest was when we did his head first slide you could hear him hit the ground it would give you goose bumps .I just can’t describe the presence he created he also was the fastest to the bag when he was walked, isn’t gambling defined a disease that could require treatment by a doctor this issue is going to effect our kids what’s the message going to be the death penalty life without parole or what I say time served!

This man a was a workhorse as a player and deserves his place in the Hall of
fame.All people make mistakes
But they should not be condemned to a life sentence for it.Its time for the organization of baseball to quit playing God and learn to forgive and forget. The longer they suspend him the longer they promote the black
hole and sore spot they have put on the game .Its time to reinstate Pete to his rightful place!


I have never been to the Hall of Fame and will probably never go because it is a hollow museum without Pete Rose. Not worth the cost of admission!

Give Pete Rose his rightful place in the Hall of Fame and reinstatethis Legion.

Free Pete!!!!

Pete was not able to be in the Hall Of Fame because he is on the permanently banned from baseball list. Personally, I think he had been punished enough. Almost 30 years since he wad banned. Let him have an opportunity to be voted into the HOF. Enough is enough!

I a tired of hearing about Pete like he is the only one who ever broke a rule. How any players who are playing today used drugs and lied abut it. I don’t think he will ever be in the HOF and I am okay with that, but I also never want to see Ryan Braun, A Rod and the others who cheated and lied there either. I appalled every tme I see them play and people actually cheering for them!

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