Before we get started, I’ve GOT to post this “Throwback Thursday” photo…


Remember when the Reds gave away those wearable blankets?


As if you needed any further incentive to celebrate All-Star week in Cincinnati, Major League Baseball today announced who’ll be participating in the T-Mobile All-Star Fanfest from July 10-14 at the Duke Energy Convention Center. Check it out..

Pretty good, huh? Fans attending the All-Star FanFest will have the opportunity to receive free autographs and participate in Q&A sessions and clincs led by former players; all included with the price of admission.


A couple of days ago, my colleague with the New York Mets, Shannon Forde was inducted into the Irish American Baseball Hall of Fame.  I wish all of you could meet the beautiful/talented/courageous Shannon.  She’s absolutely one of the best people around and I’m so happy (and proud) of her.


I posed the following question on Twitter today…

So far, I’m getting lots of great replies (Selena Gomez, Steve Carrell, Nick Offerman, Jimmy Fallon, Rhonda Rousey, etc).

What celebrity would you like to see participate?


A programming note:  The Reds/Twins game at Great American Ball Park on July 1 will air on MLB Network, including in the Cincinnati market.


This season, there have been 332 total replay reviews in Major League Baseball.  Of those, 301 have been “manager challenges” while the other 31 have been “crew chief challenges.”

    • 75 challenges “confirmed” (22.6%)
    • 97 challenges “stands” (29.2%)
    • 157 challenges “overturned” (47.3%)
    • 3 challenges “rules checks” (0.9%)

Here’s a breakdown of the types of challenges that have taken place:



Folks, I don’t know about you, but that recent Reds/Indians series in Cleveland left a sour taste in my mouth.

In an effort to seek some sort of consolation, there’s a hashtag battle currently taking place between the Reds and Indians through the Ohio Department of Public Safety.  If you include #RedsBuckleUp in your tweets, we may be able to come back from a 26% deficit to overtake the Tribe and show everyone that the Cincinnati fans are the safest and most loyal in Ohio.




I’ll have more in a bit.

For those of you attending tonight’s Baseball 101 event at GABP, HAVE A GREAT TIME!

Expect good news!


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