From my pal @Bongreatness

Tonight is 700WLW Night at Great American Ball Park. During pregame ceremonies we will be honoring recently retired WLW personality Jim Scott. In addition to the ceremony in his honor, Jim will offer up one of tonight’s ceremonial first pitches.

We will hold a Moment of Remembrance tonight prior to the singing of our National Anthem to honor the life of former Reds Assistant GM and WLW “Extra Innings” host Darrell “Doc” Rodgers. Rodgers passed away yesterday at the age of 52 after a long battle with cancer.


Throwback Thursday:  At the conclusion of the 2001 Reds season, Riverfront Stadium (Cinergy Field) transitioned from an astroturf playing field to natural grass.  Also, the stadium had half of its structure removed to accommodate the construction of Great American Ball Park (at one point, the stadia were literally inches away from each other).

Here’s a photo of Riverfront/Cinergy during that 2001 phase…


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