My friend Alyson Footer (@alysonfooter) is in town this weekend covering the 25th anniversary celebration of the the Reds 1990 World Championship for MLB.com.  Of the several stories she’s posted this weekend, this one is my favorite.

While reading Alyson’s coverage of that 1990 team, I’m reminded how much I loved Eric Davis.  I was 14 in 1990, and ever since he burst onto the baseball scene 4 years prior, I was in awe of “Eric The Red.”  Before Larkin and after Rose, Eric was Cincinnati’s premier national superstar.  He could do it all; the first legit 5-tool player I ever watched on a regular basis.

When I was just a little whipper-snapper, I watched “Good Morning America” in the morning with my parents as they got ready for work and I prepared for school (cartoons were watched after school).  I’ll never forget that one morning when Joe DiMaggio appeared on GMA and declared Eric Davis to be the most exciting young player in baseball.  Joe D was talking about MY GUY who played for MY TEAM!  I was so proud.

Through tremendous good fortune, my job allows me to see Eric Davis on a semi-regular basis (Spring Training, Caravan, Redsfest, etc).  My childhood hero actually knows me by my first name and when we see each other, we chat like old buddies.  It’s surreal.

As a kid, you’re oblivious to the character of your TV role models.  It’s only years later, as an adult, that I can confirm what I had always hoped when I was a boy – Eric Davis is not only a baseball legend, he’s a world champion person, too.

Below are some videos to help you remember the greatness of E.D….

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