Remember the footage from press conferences at Riverfront Stadium/Cinergy Field? Those press conferences took place in an area on the office-level of the stadium called the “Crosley Room.”

The Crosley Room was easily identifiable on TV and in newspaper photos due to the conspicuous red and black mural of Powel Crosley Jr.  That mural served as the backdrop for such major press conferences as the signing of Ken Griffey Jr

021000cap1 CrosleyRoomRiverfront tumblr_lz54do3lrm1qm9rypo1_1280

When the Reds moved into Great American Ball Park in 2003, the Crosley Room mural was computer regenerated and placed in the new Crosley Room on the media level of the new ballpark.

These days, the new Crosley Room is primarily used for business/staff meetings.  The Reds rarely hold press conferences in that area due to the fact that there’s a dedicated Media Interview room at GABP for such things.

However, when it was announced today that Devin Mesoraco and the Reds agreed to a 4-year extension, Devin and Walt Jocketty met with the media in the new Crosley Room.  It kind of brought back memories to that weird old room at Riverfront.

002 010 ??????????

The old Crosley Room was too small, had awful-looking red carpet, obnoxious wall-painting and 1970s-style chairs.  But it always had that mural and that mural always meant, to me at least, a Reds trade or transaction (or a staff member’s birthday party).

Kind of neat thinking Powel Crosley still has his place, literally, in the two ballparks built after the one that bore his name.

How cool would Crosley Room wallpaper be in a bar or a man-cave?!  Sign me up!



Interesting history to this, which I was not aware of. Nice pictures to describe the background; thanks for sharing!

Great message. Love the Crosley Room and try to include a stop on all my tours. Thanks for all you do.

Peace and Blessings Bob (513) 504-9984 Pitchers/Catchers report February 18. Opening Day: April 6


It is neat that the Reds continue to embrace their history and the organization has plenty of it. Actually I love this room!

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