“I love you guys!”

That’s a salutation that echoes throughout every facility with which we grace our presence…without any exception. Knowing us as you do, we never tire of hearing it. We would be less than honest, however, to admit that we are shocked or surprised at having people tell us that. We are not a boastful, arrogant, braggadocio type of group. While we are humbled by what people tell us, inwardly it’s the on-gong expectation that we have of people saying the same thing over and over. They may say it in different words or different ways but at the end of the day – it’s always the same.

It resonated at all of our stops on Day Two for the Rockstar group of the 2015 Reds Caravan.

The group’s first stop yesterday was far and away the most uplifting. We visited the home of Dave and Carol Heffner in Lexington (KY). Their daughter, Amy, confined to a wheelchair for the last 13 years sent an email to the Reds asking if it was possible that OUR group stop by and surprise her dad, who is such a huge Reds fan – and in fact has a Reds room in his basement. We were there for over an hour and it was truly an emotional and poignant experience from all of these battle-hardened veterans.

Now, it was time to rock-n-roll. On we went, first to London (KY) where we were greeted with open arms. An unexpected pleasure was meeting up with former UK head basketball coach, the legendary Joe B. Hall. From London it was on to, always one of our favorite stops – Somerset (KY). Somerset, for those of you who’ve never been there, is one of the most beautiful small towns in all of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Tireless and undaunted, we jumped back on the bus, piloted by our main man Michael, and departed for Music City…Nashville, Tennessee.

Our appearance before a massive crowd at Rivergate Mall, was not unlike our other mall stops. Time allowed for questions and answers from the great Reds fans of Tennessee; and then, the thing we enjoy the most, the autograph period. Why do we enjoy it as much as we do? Because it allows us to get up close and personal with our loyal Reds supporters. There’s nothing like looking deep into the eyes of a Reds fan and intuitively knowing that come Opening Day, his whole world, for the next six months will revolve around Reds baseball.

The day comes to an end all too soon for us. The thing that separates us from the other groups is that, every day, we reach a certain emotional high that those people never ever realize. They think they do, and God bless them for thinking that, because they will never ever realize the true feeling of the connection that WE and WE alone make during this four-day sojourn every year.

We all slept like logs last night knowing that we enjoyed a sense of accomplishment that very few have ever realized.

I really have a certain sense that those who read these blogs everyday are better people when they finish them.

Until next time,
Mercury Marty

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