You know, there are many things in life that I look forward to . However, I can’t imagine anything that I enjoy more than sitting down with Jamie Ramsey each of the four days that we get together each year of the Reds Caravan. This labor of love, so to speak, involves chronicling the great works of the Reds Rockstar group on our stops throughout Reds Country. To say that Day One was a delightful beginning is a gross understatement.

Starting in Cynthiana (KY) and then on to Madison (IN) with a stop off in Salem (IN) and climaxing the night before a massive throng at Slugger Field in Louisville; one would think I would get tired of talking about the record breaking crowds that the Rockstar group appears in front of at a ballpark like Slugger Field or the malls in which we appear. That, however, is not the case.

Last night’s turnout was a prime case-in-point. Record-breaking? You bet it was. Made more so by the appearance of Bob Castellini and Reds HOF second baseman Joe Morgan. But all that did was just add to the star power – and we’ve got a lot of it. You want some names? I’ll give you some names Brayan Pena, JJ Hoover, minor league outfielder Phillip Ervin, 1999 rookie of the year Scott Williamson, Sam Grossman, Ryan “Payless” Rizzo, the amenable Gapper– and the aforementioned Ramsey.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that right at the onset of this Caravan, evil forces have done everything in their power to tear this incredibly talent group apart. The word “conspiracy” comes to mind, and while it will not obviously rank with the well-documented historical conspiracies of our great country, it saddens one to think that others of way less integrity would go out of their way, as they have done, to tear us a sunder. Our heads are bowed but not even close to beaten.

We welcome in our new comrades and we go forward into another great day – to dazzle those whom we come into contact with. Not surprising, because we ARE the Rockstar group.

Until next time,
Mercury Marty

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