Another record turnout for Better Off Red Baseball Trivia Tuesday night at the Holy Grail Banks!  Thanks to everyone who came out and participated!

We had a couple of themes last night, one was “Hall of Fame” and the other was “Field of Dreams.”  If you’d like to see last night’s script/questions click here –> January6

Here’s last nights leaderboard…

1. The Guru – 126 pts.
2. Sons of Pitches – 86 pts.
3. Team Spro – 74 pts.
4. The 3rd Platoon – 73 pts.
5. The AL Kids – 44 pts.
6. G over L – 40 pts.
7. In-Seat “B” Squad – 33 pts.
8. Marty “Not” Brennaman – 8pts.
9. Ramon Santiago Fan Club – 7pts.
10. OU Bobcats – 6pts.
T11. Catch Ya Later, Little Red Machine, Team Xavier – 0 pts.

We’d love to see you next Tuesday for another round of BOR Baseball Trivia at the Holy Grail Banks!



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