Hello everyone!  I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday break and got to spend some quality time with family, friends and/or loved ones.  Some of you are still in your pajamas, enjoying another week away from the office; for that, I offer my most sincere “cheers!”

We have a few things here at Better Off Red to catch you up on…

Some of you long-time BOR readers remember the Reds Cap Club, right?  Well if you’re new to this or perhaps don’t remember, the Reds Cap Club was something we used to celebrate here on the blog every Friday.  I’d simply ask for emails (jramsey@reds.com), Instagrams or Tweets (@Jamieblog) featuring images of folks wearing their Reds caps & hats.  The photos would be posted on the blog and those folks would then become the newest members of the Reds Cap Club.

Well, we’re getting the club back together starting this Friday and we’re looking for new members of the Reds Cap Club. For those of you who may have already joined the club a long time ago, your membership needs to be updated!  Simply email, Instagram or Tweet me a pic of your coconut in a Reds cap and…voila…you’ll become the newest RCC member!  (And by sending in your photo, you’ve agreed to have it posted here on Better Off Red).

What are club privileges, you ask?  Great question.  It’s top secret (meaning, nothing other than you get your photo on BOR and recognized by me as one of the coolest people in all of the land!).

I have one more New Era Winter Meetings cap to give away, so I figure I’ll make it available to one lucky participant in this week’s Reds Cap Club party.  Send in your photo and you could be randomly chosen to win the lid.

In addition to the Winter Meetings Cap, I’ll also give away a new book by my friend Craig Lindvahl entitled Things You Wish You Knew Yesterday: And Other Stuff You’ll Need to Know Tomorrow.  You might remember Craig as the filmmaker of Let’s Get Ready to Win: A Day at Great American Ball Park.  His new book is fabulous and I think you’ll enjoy it.  The winner of the cap will also get the book.


The Reds Hot Stove Radio Show and Better Off Red Baseball Trivia RETURN to the Holy Grail Banks tomorrow (Tuesday, December 30)!  Join us beginning at 6pm for a live episode of the Hot Stove show and then stick around for some brain-bending baseball trivia, hosted by yours truly.  It’s always a good time and I’d love to see you!


Interested to see how Reds players are fairing in the Winter Leagues?  Check out the stats below…




That’s all for now!  More in a bit!

Expect good news,


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