We had another great turnout last night at the Holy Grail Banks for the Reds Hot Stove League radio show and Better Off Red Baseball Trivia !

Mo Egger and Doug Flynn were joined on the phone by Jeff Brantley and Todd Frazier for the Hot Stove show, which you can stream HERE.  Doug stuck around after the show to play trivia for the “Bombers” team.  At one point we had a total of nine teams – not bad…hopefully more next week!

As always, the fine folks at the Holy Grail Banks took great care of us and provided a great atmosphere for Reds fans to enjoy the evening.  Another a successful night! A big thanks to everyone who came by!

I hope YOU join us for all of the fun next week!

If you’re interested in seeing last night’s trivia script, including the brain-bending questions that were asked click here —> November 25

Here are last night’s results…

  1. The Gurus – 169 points
  2. The Bombers – 128 points
  3. Redleg Ryans – 104 points
  4. Catcha Ya Later – 84 points
  5. OU Bobcats – 64 points
  6. In Seat-a-Squad – 25 points
  7. Natty B’z – <Forfeit>
  8. The GaGas – <Forfeit>
  9. The Lettermen – <Forfeit>

1 Comment

Just wanted to let you know that by posting the questions to Trivia, I was able to have a nice contest with my father over the holiday. Kicked his butt too.
Enjoyed it so very much. Being from Pennsylvania, you again kept this Reds family close to something we live from far away.
Thank you!

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