Last month, Better Off Red polls opened for the prestigious Cincinnati Reds end-of-the-season awards known as “The Burt Awards.” Every week since, a new collection of categories was unveiled for BOR readers to vote upon.  Five categories were trimmed from the Burt Awards in 2014, but the total number of votes was nearly identical to 2013.  Approximately 20,000 overall votes were cast for 25 categories.  For Week One results, Click Here. For Week Two results, Click Here. For Week Three results, Click Here.  For Week Four results, Click Here.

It’s now time to reveal the final week’s winners.  Envelopes, please…

Our first category is Best Nickname.  Of the 545 total votes, the winner collected 28% and edged out the runner-up by just 10 votes!  The winner is…


“The Cuban Missile” Aroldis Chapman is now the back-to-back champion in this category.  Congrats!

Second place: “The Toddfather” (143 votes, 26%)
Up next is Favorite Food at GABP.  Twenty-seven categories netted a total of 503 votes.  The winner with 12% of the vote is…


Second place: Hot Dog (9%)
On to the Best Special Event of 2014.  There were 18 nominees for this category totaling 413 votes.  The winner with 25% is…


Second place: Fireworks Fridays (17%)

Here’s another one of my personal favorite categories – Your Vote for 2015 Bobblehead.  We had all kinds of random nominees for this one, but the winner was an in-house regular…


Devin Mesoraco caps off a strong showing in this year’s Burt Awards.  The Reds starting catcher finishes with 4 Burts!  Congrats, Devin!

Second place: Jeff Brantley Eating Ice Cream and Chicken Wings (15%)

Our final category of the 2014 Burt Awards is Player with the Best Music.  After Joey gave up on “Paint it Black,” there was only one clear-cut winner and you folks nailed it…


Todd Frazier now has a firm grip on this category, as he’s won in consecutive years.  Will he stick with Sinatra in 2015?  We shall see.

Second place: Joey Votto/Brandon Phillips (14% each, 63 votes)


Well, that concludes the 2014 Burt Awards!  I hope you had as much fun with this as I did!  Can you believe this was The Burts’ fourth year?!  Me neither.

Here’s hoping the 2015 Burt Awards include “Best Postseason Celebration.”

Before we sign off, I must thank all of you who voted on the polls and participated in the discussion/fun.  You folks are the reason we do this.  Thank you!

And congratulations to all of the prize winners, including, @TerkelTilden, an active participant in the Burt Awards discussion. For his efforts, Luke has been randomly selected as the final winner and will receive a cool prize pack from BOR HQ.

Tune in next year for the Fifth Annual Burt Awards!

Go Reds!

Expect Good News,


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