Last month, Better Off Red polls opened for the prestigious Cincinnati Reds end-of-the-season awards known as “The Burt Awards.” Every week since, a new collection of categories was unveiled for BOR readers to vote upon.  Five categories were trimmed from the Burt Awards in 2014, but the total number of votes was nearly identical to 2013.  Approximately 20,000 overall votes were cast for 25 categories.

It’s now time to reveal the Week Two winners. Envelopes, please…

Our first category of Week Two is Most Outstanding Pitcher.  Five candidates netted over 700 votes.

No surprise here, the winner with 83% of the vote is….



Johnny Cueto went 20-9 with a 2.25 ERA for the Reds in 2014 and finished second to Clayton Kershaw in the NL Cy Young Award voting.  Cueto, this year, became 1 of only 2 pitchers in Reds history, since 1900, to produce at least 20 wins and 240 strikeouts in a season (Jim Maloney did it in 1963 & 1965).

Second place: Aroldis Chapman (13%)

Next up is Best Breakout Season.  The winner with 433 of the 752 total votes is…


The season that Devin Mesoraco had in 2014 didn’t go unnoticed by the voters of the Burt Awards.  In addition to the victory in this category, he has also taken home the “Burt” for Most Valuable Player.  Congratulations, Devin!

Second place: Todd Frazier (17%)

Up next is Best Hair.  Bronson Arroyo dominated this category in the past, but with his departure, a new hairy hero has emerged.  The winner of The Burt with 45% of the nearly 700 votes is…

Original photo courtesy of the AP

Original photo courtesy of the AP

I think it’s obvious by the photo that the voters got this one right.  Johnny Cueto has the best dreads in the game.

Second place: Jay Bruce (18%)

For the first time in the long and storied history of the Burts, voters have produced an award-winning tie .  Of the 704 total votes for Player You Most Enjoy Watching, two players tallied 175 votes apiece to share this illustrious honor.  The co-winners are…


So if a “tie is like kissing your sister,” what’s it like if you’re the sister:  kissing your “Step Brothers?”  Congratulations to Aroldis Chapman and Brandon Phillips – two exciting and entertaining players.

Third place: Todd Frazier (109 votes)



Finally today, we award the Burt for Super Sub.  This man finished with 300 of the 702 total votes (43%) to win…



Another one that voters got right on the money.  Brayan Pena was pressed into action as an everyday player after signing with the Reds as the backup catcher.  In addition to his time behind the plate, Pena also appeared regularly at first base for the injured Joey Votto.  A truly well-deserved win for Brayan.

Second place: Kristopher Negron (33%)

That’s all for today. Please tune in tomorrow as I reveal Week 3 winners.

For Week One results, Click Here.

In addition to the victors above, there is one more winner to announce:

Congratulations to Terri Noble an active participant in the Burt Awards discussion.  For for her efforts, she’s been selected as a random winner of a cool prize from BOR HQ.

I’ll be awarding a new winner each day this week, so feel free to get noticed by either leaving a comment on the blog or by including the hashtag #TheBurts in your tweets.

Expect good news,


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great photoshopping! loved the “little Richard” Cueto, and Bryan “Thor” Pena, they were all great!

Fantastic graphics, especially the “breakthrough”. And I am sure that there are some families that have pictures still on their mantels from the 80s that look like that Champman/Phillips one!

I think I’m most excited to see Brayan Peña and Devin Mesaraco in the winner’s circle this round! It’s so nice to see such HUGE smiles on their faces all the time. Literally, whenever the camera finds them, they’re smiling. I’m sure they’ll smile knowing they are big Burt winners!

Looking forward to Redsfest !

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