Welcome to Week Four of The Burt Awards!

  • Every Friday, through Halloween, a new batch of categories will be unveiled for voting.
  • Polls will close at Midnight, November 7.
  • Results will be posted right here on BOR on Monday, November 10.
  • Before we get to this week’s polls, don’t forget to vote for Week One, Week Two and Week Three nominees.

Congratulations to Week Three winner – @Mcfowee.  She participated in the #TheBurts discussion and was randomly chosen to win a cool prize from BOR HQ.

Would you like to be Week Four’s winner?  Simply participate in the discussion by leaving a comment on the this blog post and/or by including the hashtag #TheBurts in your tweets this week.  I will announce one random winner prior to the unveiling of next week’s nominees.

Without further ado, here are the new categories that need your votes….

Of the 162 games that the Reds played in 2014, there were a few that stood out above the rest. Which game was your favorite?


The Reds Twitter roster continued to grow in 2014.  Reds fans now have online access to many of their favorite players and team personnel.  Who was your favorite of the bunch in ’14?  Last year, @LisaBraun overcame the odds to take home the title.  Will she do it again this year?


You and your pals are sitting around discussing the possibility of the Reds getting into an on-field brawl.  Naturally, such a discussion requires the following question: Which Reds player should you best not mess with?


There were several incredible performances by Reds players in 2014.  Which was the best?  Homer Bailey no-hitters have dominated this category over the past two seasons, but the field is wide-open this year.


Our final category of Week Four is “Best In-Game Feature at Great American Ball Park.”  The Reds production/scoreboard team is second-to-none and always provides top-flight entertainment during Reds home games.  But what’s your favorite?  Last year it was Free Pizza with 41% of the vote.


That’s all for this week. Check back Friday for another round of categories and nominees. Thanks for voting and don’t forget to take the discussion to Twitter by using the hashtag #TheBurts and/or leaving your thoughts in the comments section of this post!

– Jamie


I like the Godzilla/King Kong rally cry, to the beat of We Will Rock You

I think voting for the Burts gets harder every year. There’s a lot to like about Reds baseball!

@RedsRallyPack is my favorite Reds Twitter account!

For best game – well, it’s actually 4 – the 4 game sweep of San Fran at AT&T Park (which I was in SF for). Awesome games, and the fans were still classy to us despite all our Reds gear.


Sheesh, you didn’t let us choose the most obvious Twitter account! You really make us all feel like we are part of the team.
Love these poll questions. After the disappointing season, the question about performances was a nice reminder that there was still plenty to enjoy this season.

The Burt Awards deserve an award! So,much fun each year when we are waiting for baseball to come back ⚾️

Favorite Twitter account by far…. @crent

ooops.. I meant @ctrent

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