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Hello Folks! Sorry to see my Reds looking so bad! It would be good for our team in the future if the Manager would play the younger players to see what we might have for next year. Now I do not know what we can do about the manager who will not send the pitching coach out to a pitcher when he is in trouble and struggling. Last night the pitcher was cussing, pounding his glove and not pitching well at all. The bases are loaded and he walks in two runs, still no outs and he does not take him out until he gave up 5 runs. I do not care how good the pitcher is on record when he does not have it, take him out and give the team a chance to win the game. The manager has done this throughout the season. His methods here have cost the Reds many games! He is not the Manager to be best friends with the Pitcher, but win games for the Reds, Players and Fans. Those younger pitchers when they get off on the wrong track need a little verbal support from their Manager and or Pitching Coach! I do not see that here this year! I want my Reds to Win! Go Reds!

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