I’m happy to be with the team for this three game series in Chicago; filling in for Reds media relations director Rob Butcher while he attends All-Star Game meetings back in Cincinnati.

I made it to the team hotel last night from Cincinnati at about the same time the club arrived via bus from Milwaukee.  I quickly found out that this leg of the road trip was the one featuring the annual Reds rookie dress-up spoof.  Each year, the newest Reds have their regular clothes taken from their locker and replaced with costumes that one would normally see during Halloween and/or Comic-Con.

Courtesy of @DatDudeBP

Courtesy of @DatDudeBP

Adding to the hilarity was that the rookies were dropped off on Michigan Avenue, in the heart of downtown Chicago, and made to walk the “Magnificent Mile” in all of their glittery glory.


The visitor’s clubhouse at historic Wrigley Field is notorious for being a bit incommodious, especially when the rosters expand in September.  Some of the players are forced to share lockers and reporters are stationed in a hallway outside the main locker area where they conduct their interviews with requested Reds; normally, ample space allows for this to take place inside the clubhouse.

The trip from the Reds clubhouse at Wrigley Field to the playing area is quite a trip.  Check out the video below to see what I’m talking about…


We were expecting rain earlier, but my fancy weather app is claiming we are in the clear.  Still quite cloudy and a bit on the cool side but I don’t think anyone is going to freeze to death.

Here’s hoping you enjoy the game tonight – whether on TV,, Reds-On-Radio or @Reds.  I’ll also be tweeting a little bit (@Jamieblog).


That’s all for now!  More in a bit.

Expect good news,



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