Hi gang!  Hope you’re having a decent Wednesday!  Remember, today’s Reds game at Milwaukee gets underway at 2:10 ET.

The Reds this afternoon will turn things around and start a successful run.  Book it.  If not, I will do a 10-minute headstand on the roof of the Pilot House on the Reds Riverboat Deck at GABP.

Now let’s get serious.  Here are some Baseline Items for ya …

The Reds Wives group are hosting a Mystery Ball fundraiser before and during the game on Friday (July 25 vs Washington).  The wives will sell bags of baseballs signed by a member of the Reds 40-man roster for $30 each.  Proceeds benefit the Boys & Girls Club of  Greater Cincinnati.

Find the Reds Wives this Friday, just inside the main gates of Great American Ball Park, for your opportunity to get an autographed baseball while helping out a great cause!


Remember Jeremiah Forster, the gentleman you read about here on BOR who attempted to conquer the Bacon Challenge?

Well, here are moving pictures of Forster’s clash with the four 1-pound sandwiches, courtesy of our friends at Reds On Deck


When the Reds were recently in New York, Reds general manager Walt Jocketty presented Yankees’ living legend Derek Jeter with a really cool gift. Check it out HERE.


Congratulations to Skip Schumaker, who was announced by the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association as the Cincinnati Reds recipient of the 2014 Heart & Hustle Award!


A big ‘thank you’ to all of the new @Jamieblog followers…

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More in a bit.  Enjoy the game and GO REDS!

Expect good news,


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When Reds Pitchers, loose it on the mound or they get out of sink, ,errors behind them, MAD AT THE UM[IRES, MAD AT THEMSELVES, AND EVEN THE FANS CAN SEE THEY ARE NOT IN the proper frame of mind to be pitching , The Pitching Coach and o catcher or another player does not go out and calm them down . Get them off the bad things to concentrate on the batter before they ruin the game?
Today is was obvious that Leake was not on and was hit hard in the fourth, and again in the 5th, and he was not talked to on the mound. Then Price let him stay in the game and they hit him bad. No one went to the mound! He gave up eleven hits
before he was removed.. We can not win when the manager just lets these guys good Pitching Coach, but for me he does not go to the mound enough. . Great Managers would have their Pitching Coaches out there to get them under control. Just drives me crazy when no one goes out to settle down a pitcher when he is out of control.

To me this is common sense!

Bruce need to be benched to get his attention!. Nice guy but he needs to regroup if we are to start winning again.

I want the Team to play to win every game. I do not believe they are doing that.

Well, I probably should not said all this here, but I feel better and I’ll get ready for the next game.

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