After a busy weekend in Cincinnati and at Great American Ball Park, I’m happy to report that the stadium is still standing and looking flawless…




I finally worked up the courage to move to the suburbs, and during the recent relocation, I dug up some old Reds stuff that I forgot I had.

Check it out…

Before bobbleheads, the Reds worked their marketing magic by luring fans with tube socks.  That’s right, these bad boys were a giveaway in 1987.  Sadly, I never had a chance to use the coupon.  RIP Kinney.


When I worked on the Reds ground crew in the late 90s, one of my favorite players was Pete Harnisch; super, World-Class guy and arguably one of the funniest people on the planet. I found this signed jersey among my loot…


And here’s even more Major League work clothing – my nasty old ground crew polo. I offered it up to the Reds Hall of Fame, but for whatever reason, they politely declined.


Did you have these 1999 issues of TV Guide?


I have lots more that I won’t bore you with. The unpacking process turned into a bit of a sentimental journey down memory lane. I can’t wait to have some of it displayed in my new place (probably not the socks).

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