Ever wonder what some of your favorite current Reds would look like if they played for the team during a different era?  Perhaps I can help…


The point of this was???????

Just having a little fun, Chris. Lighten up.

The point was… “why not?” Thanks for the fun!

Sorry, but Billy Hamilton should be shown wearing No. 28, Vada Pinson’s number. That’s who he reminds me of playing center.

Lots of fun . . . Jay Klu came out great!

We demand Sam Lecure on a T206 card!!!!

Corky Miller! Classic

Great Stuff Jamie!!!

The Reds would look even better if they went back to the no sleeves shirts that are pictured here. They also allow more freedom of movement.

Corky’s looks too real.

Billy needed to get some sun on his arms. How did Chris get away with that mustache in 1955, or Corky in 1975?

Corky with Sparky is hilarious……I always knew Corky was really meant for the 70’s 70’s

However, I must challenge the historical accuracy of Heisey having a ‘stache in 1955……I believe the Reds were required to be clean shaven in that era……but good fun. Love throwback stuff.

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