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Before I drop some positive facts on ya, I once again will remind you that the baseball season is a long one.  We aren’t even yet to the All-Star break and I’m exhausted.  For a baseball team that has won more games than lost (especially lately), I feel I’ve spent double-time on Twitter defending it.  That’s probably not how it should be.

The old cliché that “baseball is supposed to be fun,” may ring hollow for some, but I’m here to tell you – it’s so true…and not just when your favorite team wins.  A wise man once said, “if you want your place in the sun, you better expect blisters.”  There have been plenty of blisters so far, but, as the record stands today, you have a very nice tan.

With the recent play by the boys in red, it’d be foolish to wave the white flag with nearly 90 games and over 3 months left on the schedule.  We don’t do that here.  If our relationship with our favorite team is like a marriage, we don’t file divorce papers if our spouse has been buying the wrong brand of toothpaste the past couple of months.  Marriage involves an unconditional love.  “Hang with ’em” as another wise man once said.

Trust me, I’ve been around along enough that I “get it.”  Privately, I’ve yelled at my TV when my favorite team loses; I’ve cursed a bad decision.  I suffer like you, albeit quietly.  As I mentioned before, the season is a long one and it’d be naive to say everything is puppies and unicorns.  However, this relationship is meant to be a positive one.  You need the Reds in your life?  The Reds need you, unconditionally.

Now for some facts…

  • At 38-37, the Reds are above .500 for the first time this season.
  • The Reds have won 16 of their last 25 games (.640) and 9 of their last 12 (.750).
  • With a win tonight or tomorrow, the Reds will have gone 6-1-1 over their last 8 series, 5-0-1 over their last 6 series and will have won each of their last 4 series.
  • Since a 3-8 start, the Reds have gone 35-29 (.547).
  • The Reds have outscored their opponents this year, 296-287.
  • The Reds have committed 30 errors this season, fewest in the big leagues (next fewest: Cleveland, 38).
  • Reds starting pitchers have posted a 3.40 ERA, the sixth-best mark in the Majors.

Reds batters, since June 7 rank among National League leaders in the following categories:

  • Runs, 93 – 1st
  • Home runs, 18, 1st
  • Slugging, .434, 1st
  • OPS, .770, 1st
  • Hits, 150, 2nd
  • On-base pct., .336, 3rd
  • Batting average, .275, 4th
  • Walks, 47, 6th
  • Strikeouts, 110, fourth-fewest
  • With runners in scoring position, 1st in batting average/on-base pct./slugging pct. (.320/.421/.543)


Enjoy the game!

Expect good news,



I love the comparison to marriage. True fans stick with their team through the thick and thin. Maybe there should be a contract involved?

I think we all have a lot to look forward to over the next few months. The Brew Crew have been cruising through a cake schedule so far compared to us (Including being 10-3 against the Buckos), and we have played the Brewers well so far this season. Sometimes it seems like Reds fans are downers, I’ve said before that if you gave a Reds fan a brick of gold they would complain about how heavy it is, but I don’t think we are overly critical compared to fans from other teams. If the guys in the clubhouse keep their heads on and ignore the babble from the likes of us arm chair managers I think the fans are in for at least some interesting dog days. At this point I am rooting for a wild card game. 163 is better than 162!

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