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  • I’m currently on the road with the team performing my duties as Reds Media Relations official. Yesterday’s 13-4 drubbing of the Brewers felt very therapeutic for the boys in Red.  I think we can agree that a game like that was long overdue.
  • Bryan Price used the term “renewed vigor” when he spoke to the writers before Saturday’s game in Milwaukee.  It was in reference of getting healthy.  Having Latos and Votto back has been a boost and with Frazier, Phillips, Broxton,  Cueto, Ludwick, Chapman and Hamilton playing the way they currently are, this team suddenly has some pep in its step and yes, renewed vigor.
  • And speaking of Hamilton, it’s simply impossible to not enjoy watching him play.  With two home runs over the past couple of days, could he be morphing in to a five-tool player?  Appointment television when he’s playing a televised baseball game.
  • I’ve been using the nickname “Cool Papa Bill” for Hamilton in reference to legendary speedster Cool Papa Bell   Billy has given the stamp of approval for the name. (“Cool Papa Bell was so fast he could get out of bed, turn out the lights across the room and be back in bed under the covers before the lights went out.”Josh Gibson)
  • As far as Phillips, he didn’t strike out in any of his previous 40 plate appearances.  That’s the current longest streak in the Majors, and without looking, I think it’s the longest such streak this season.
  • Congratulations to Ryan Ludwick, who yesterday for the first time in his career, hit 3 doubles in a game.  When he was congratulated on the feat, he was unaware that he had never done it before.
  •  Manager Price invited me to a staff dinner tonight here in Pittsburgh.  It reminds me of the last time I was invited to such an event – also in Pittsburgh, 2010.  The entire team and staff dined at the Capital Grille, early in the season.  I remember coach Billy Hatcher addressing the group, and in his speech, he told the boys, “We are going to the playoffs this year.  I know it.  We will be in the postseason.”  It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.  Perhaps we should ask Billy to speak again this year.
  • I’m always “whining” to Reds traveling secretary Gary Wahoff that he intentionally gives me the smallest possible rooms at the hotels in which the Reds stay on the road.  In fact, I joke with Gary that the rooms are so small, there isn’t even enough room to eat a large pizza.  So, when I arrived to my room here in Pittsburgh, here’s what was waiting for me…



That’s all for now!

Expect good news,


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This was the most entertaining and enjoyable posts I have read regarding the Reds, on any site, in a while. Thanks and keep up the good work!

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