In case you missed it, our good friend Mark Sheldon had his work interrupted last night by the Giants’ Pablo Sandoval...


The 2014 MLB First-Year Player Draft gets started tomorrow and the Reds have the 19th pick in the first round.

According to a recent story by Fox Sports, the Reds have been the most the most successful club based on players drafted for any team from 2010-2014….



Tonight the first 25,000 fans entering the gates for the Reds/Giants game will receive an Aroldis Chapman bobblehead.


As a bobblehead collector and a Reds fan/employee, I get pretty excited about new Reds bobbleheads.  I think this version of Aroldis is one of the best the team has given away.

It got me to thinking which players/personnel I’d love to see the Reds consider for future bobbleheads.  Because the Reds have such rich history and tradition, all of the guys on my list are from years past.  In my humble opinion, the following 10 gentlemen would make for great bobbleheads….and I think they’d ‘nod’ in agreement  (bobblehead humor).

  1. Bucky Walters: 1939 National League Most Valuable Player.  Arguably the best pitcher to ever put on a Reds uniform.
  2. Bernie Stowe: After 67 years, yes 67 YEARS, with the Reds, the legendary equipment manager retired following the 2013 season.  A beloved figure with the team, a Bernie bobble would be a great tribute to the veteran clubbie.
  3. Ernie Lombardi: I’m going to come right out and say it, this man does not get his just due when it comes to talking about the all-time greats, especially when ranking the best catchers to ever play.  He was the 1938 NL MVP and won 2 batting titles.
  4. Bob Howsam: The Reds have done an incredible job of honoring and preserving the legacy of the Big Red Machine and the players that were part of those historic teams.  One man from that dynasty who seems to fly under the radar is the team’s general manager, Bob Howsam.  It’s time he gets the bobblehead treatment.
  5. Ted Kluszewski: One of the most recognizable and imposing figures of his era, imagine the awesomeness of a sleeveless “Big Klu” bobblehead!
  6. Edd Roush: Widely considered the best hitter during the dead-ball era, Roush was a 2-time batting champ for the Reds and was one of the club’s first true superstars.
  7. Jim Maloney:  Oh he only threw 3 no-hitters in his 12 year-career.  From ’63-’69, he won 15 games each season including 23 victories in 1963.  He still visits Reds camp every Spring and is active in the yearly Reds Fantasy Camp.
  8. Powell Crosley: Not enough space here to list the things Crosley has accomplished for the city of Cincinnati and specifically for the Reds.  He rescued the organization from collapse and brought it back to prosperity.
  9. Johnny Vander Meer: In light of the recent Homer Bailey dual no-hitter bobbler that the Reds gave away, how about a similar version of the only man to throw back-to-back no-nos?  I vote yes.
  10. Lee May:  It’s a known fact that I’m a huge fan of the “Big Bopper from Birmingham.”  But putting personal preference to the side for a second, May was a tremendous power hitter and fan-favorite.  Still very active with the club, a “boppin’ bobblehead” of Lee would be terrific.

This list is simply my own and not meant to be taken too seriously.  In fact, by the time I hit the “publish” button, I will probably have changed my mind on the names and order.  There are so many great players and team officials who are deserving of getting his bobblehead that it’s easy for a schmuck like me to pick and choose from the sidelines.  Basically, trying to limit the list to 10 is nearly impossible.

What do you think?  Who would you like to see get the “nod?”


Lineup in a minute.

Expect good news,


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