When Kenady Vice woke up this morning to get ready for school, she had no idea of the birthday present that would await her 145 miles away from home.  Over the winter, her father, Ben Murphy bid and won a unique Stand Up 2 Cancer auction item that would allow him and his family to have lunch with Reds third baseman Todd Frazier.

As luck would have it, the lunch date fell on Kenady’s 13th birthday – April 29.  Since she’s a big Reds fan and particularly a fan of Frazier’s, Ben decided not to tell his daughter of the day’s top-secret plan; to take her out of school early and travel 145 miles north from Morehead, Kentucky to Norwood, Ohio to Frazier’s favorite diner – The Bluebird Cafe.

On the way, Ben and his co-conspirators, wife Michelle and son Canon, would eventually have to let on to Kenady that they were heading to Cincinnati to take in Tuesday night’s Reds game at Great American Ball Park.  After all, it was probably a little suspicious that they all were wearing Reds t-shirts and traveling north on the interstate.  However, what Kenady couldn’t understand was why they left so early and why were they sitting in a diner in Norwood?  And then Todd arrived.

When Frazier walked in with his wife Jackie and infant son Blake, the look on Kenady’s face was priceless – she was stunned.  After the shock (kind of) wore off, she couldn’t stop grinning as she and her family enjoyed lunch with Frazier and his.

Over a plate of bacon, eggs and french fries, Todd told some great stories and talked about what life’s been like as a Major Leaguer; Ben, Michelle, Canon and especially Kenady hung on every word.  When the meal was over, Todd signed some autographs and took pictures with the family.  It was a 13th birthday present that Kenady will never forget…and best of all, it was for a good cause: Stand Up To Cancer.




Cool story. As a Morehead State graduate, Go Eagles and Go Reds!

T O double D Frazier!

Thanks for sharing! What a nice story, we don’t hear enough about the good things the players do.

Class act Todd

What a great birthday present and what a great cause. As a Reds fan, and a cancer survivor, it is nice to know that my team is there for those who fight the big fight every day.

LOVE the story. I’m also running an event (golf scramble) for Stand Up To Cancer in September this year. Great cause and great group of people there at SU2C!! It’s great the Reds are supporting such a wonderful organization!! Go Reds, Go SU2C!!

GJ/WG Todd

It seems like Todd is a all around nice guy and he seems like a pretty nice person..thanks to Todd and the winners for Todd to get to spend a day with the winners…

Todd has always been a class act since his Little League days at Toms River East Little League when we won the 1998 LL World Series

Living in Toms River, NJ Todd’s hometown and having kids that play baseball and look up to him this is a great story. We see Todd around town in the off season and he is always willing to take a picture or sign and autograph.


getting it done on and off the field

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