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Here’s the latest edition…


Laura @lschmidt84

@Jamieblog How is it determined where a player does their rehab assignment, whether they go to Louisville or Pensacola? #AskBOR

I took this question to Reds Vice President and Assistant General Manager Bob Miller, who told me that many factors determine where a player is assigned in the Reds minor league system to rehabilitate an injury.  A few things he cited were weather conditions, where the team is playing and travel accommodations….also whether the city in which the team is playing has an IKEA store or not. 


Jeremy Davis@Jer32382

@Jamieblog – do the Reds heads and Reds Rookies clubs have booths set up in GABP? Coming sat and want to get my boys signed up

Yes. Reds Heads, Reds Rookies and Club Red are all sold in the Community Corner Booth, behind section 120.


Andrea Thrasher@andrealynn001

@Jamieblog – my questions are whether there are more coke freestyle machines this year🙂 #importantquestions #AskBOR

The lone Coke “freestyle machine” is located in the Kroger Sweet Spot  on the main concourse near section 114.


Eric Rice@GibbyRice

@Jamieblog Are there any gluten free concession stands available this year? #askBOR

Unfortunately, there are no specific gluten-free concession stands at GABP this year.  However, Reds manager Bryan Price consumes a gluten-free diet and it’s been rumored that if he takes the team to the playoffs, there will be a gluten-free stand named in his honor somewhere in the park in 2015. (“Fryin’ Bryan’s Greasy-Dripped Morsels”).


Jeremy Shannon@Jeremy_Shannon

@Jamieblog Will the commemorative cups be around again this year? Loved it last year.

Not this year. 



@Jamieblog  people who are allergic to eggs, can substitutions be done for the bacon challenge? #lovebacon #hatedeath #mayo

Yes, eat a salad and simply tell your friends that you took the challenge.  Otherwise, no substitutions.


Tony Rottinghaus@RottinghausTony

@JamieBlog what are the chances we see @braunerhulk (Donald Lutz) in the next couple months? We could use consistent production in left #askbor

Donald is a Better Off Red favorite and a tremendous athlete with incredible power.  As you may have read, Donald recently hit for the “cycle” for the third time in his minor league career.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Donald with the big league club in September or perhaps before then if there is an injury or trade.


Patricia Kerster@pk927

@Jamieblog How has the mood of the dugout/clubhouse changed with Bryan Price as manager vs. when Dusty was there? #ASKBOR

It’s hard for me to say.  I haven’t been in the clubhouse much since Bryan has been the manager, and even if I was, most of the manager’s work goes on behind closed doors.  I do know the new manager wants his team to be aggressive and play with an edge.  So far the Reds really haven’t been “out of” any game in which they’ve played, for which I think the manager deserves some credit.

1 Comment

I am getting very up set with our new manager!
Why? When the relief pitchers go into a game we need to win and they
do not have good stuff, walk player after player, etc., and the manager just leaves him in the game! This has caused us to loose some games recently! Example, my favorite player the other night, “J J Hover,” and Manny PARR BOTH WERE JUST
awful, game on the line and “Manager Price” just leaves them in the game. Why?
I was taught you try to win each and every game! These pitchers were just awful and the REDS have all that great pitching on the bench “Use It”!

I wish he would work pitchers like Sparky Anderson did and he won World Series in both Leagues. If he put them in and they did not produce he would “Hook: them and some with balls and strikes on them! I am a Life Long Reds Fan and I am very disappointed on how he is leaving pitchers in and we loose games that we can win!

All pitchers have a bad day! Manager “Price” please do a better job! Get the pitcher out when we all know he does not have it! Thanks!

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