It’s a tale that should involve Vincent Price rather than Bryan Price.  It’s the ominous 13th game of the season for both the Reds and Pirates and they are currently tied up, 7-7 in a suspended game at Great American Ball Park.  Play stopped last night at 9:18pm due to heavy rain.  When the game resumes tonight at 5:30, Starling Marte will bat in the top of the seventh inning.

Marte is one of eight players in the game to provide a Great American Ball Park record 10 home runs.  As my friend Joel Luckhaupt tweets…

This is the 12th season for Great American Ball Park and no single game in stadium history, prior to this one, has seen 10 home runs…and we’re only through six innings.

The Pirates have hit three sets of back-to-back homers in the game, marking only the third time in Major League history that it’s been accomplished; the Red Sox did it on 6/17/77 against the Yankees and our very own Redlegs did it on 8/18/56 at Crosley Field against the Milwaukee Braves – the same day that Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog” reached #1 in the music charts.

“Hound Dog” you say?  The Reds’ last two suspended games have taken place at Great American Ball Park during the popular “Bark in the Park” promotion.

Game 13 began under cloudy skies with a temperature of 66 degrees.  Overnight, rain turned to snow and a Blood Moon (total lunar eclipse) occurred in the wee hours of the morning.  When play resumes tonight, game-time temperature is expected to be around 40 degrees.

In addition to “Bark in the Park,” another popular Reds promotion has already been celebrated in this game – “Strikeouts for Slices.”  Because Reds pitchers have recorded 11 strikeouts, each fan in attendance gets a free small, one topping pizza from La Rosa’s.  Simply redeem your ticket at any La Rosa’s pizzeria.

Oh and did you see the “Face-Rule Double” in the fourth inning?  Todd Frazier hit a ball down the right field line that ricocheted off the face of Pirates right fielder Travis Snider.  Originally ruled a foul ball, manager Price challenged the call and it was overturned; Frazier was awarded a double.

And if it couldn’t get any more unusual, the ballpark clock at GABP stopped at 10pm.  Which is only fitting as tonight we begin a game that was started yesterday, or in other words, we go “Back to the Future.”

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You forgot to add that after the pirates hit back to back home runs in the innings Bailey was in the game,he proceeded to strike out the side in those same innings

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