“Call Nine-Nom-Nom!”

Ladies and gentleman, I write to you today while in the throes of a food-coma; I was invited to attend the “2014 Food-Tasting” for the media at Great American Ball Park.  Like any seasoned glutton, I over-did it…and I have no regrets.

The fine folks from the Reds’ concessions company – Delaware North – set up GABP’s Riverfront Club for today’s event.  Imagine what Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory would look like if it specialized in food instead of sweets; yep, it was exactly like that.

While attempting to eat everything in the room, I also had the opportunity to hob-nob with beautiful local news celebrities like Sheila Gray, Jacki Jing, Lindsay Patterson and Bob Herzog.  All you have to do is send out a press release that reads “free food,” and the media will swarm.  Try it next time you need to call a press conference.

As a Cincinnati boy, the first thing I targeted on the menu was the Goetta Burger from Queen City.  It’ll be a newcomer to the GABP concession stands in 2014 and if you enjoy goetta like I do, you will make this your “go-to” for Reds games this year.  It’s served with (or without) onions on a pretzel bun and is absolutely delicious.

If burgers are your thing, but goetta isn’t, try the 1900 Burger that will be served exclusively in the Riverfront Club.  A big juicy burger with a smoky flavor – it was another of my favorites from today.

The main attraction was something called “The Bacon.” It’s  a new sandwich featuring a ONE-POUND SLAB OF BACOND topped with shredded lettuce, tomato and black pepper mayo on an artisan roll.  It’s served with chips, half of a pickle and potato salad.  Fans can visit the Machine Room Grille and take The Bacon Challenge of eating four sandwiches (plus the fixin’s) in one inning. Fans who complete the challenge will receive the four sandwiches for free plus an “I Conquered The Bacon Challenge” t-shirt.

Posted below are photos and the menu from today’s tasting.

Make sure you loosen your belt before you visit GABP this summer!



  • Mr. Red’s Smoke House (The Smoked Cardinal, Pulled Pork Platter with Mac and Cheese)
  • Queen City (Beer Brat & Goetta Burger)
  • The Long Bar (60 Taps & 23 different beers)
  • Taste of Belgium (Featuring their Waffle)
  • Hand Rolled Sushi (Available through the ballpark)
  • The Chipper (Pulled Pork, Nacho Cheese, Pickled Jalapeno Peppers & Red Onions)


RIVERFRONT CLUB (Featuring Our New Gastro Pub Bar Menu)

  • 1900 Burger (House Cheez Whiz, Grilled Onion, Tomato House White Bread, House Chips)
  • RFC Bucket (Buttermilk Fried Game Hen, Sriracha Pickle Chips, Maple Gravy, House Chips)
  • Cheese & Tomato (Brioche, Grafton Cheddar and Candied Bacon with Tomato Soup and House Chips)




  • Spanish Sampler (Roasted Vegetable Empanadas, Carne Diablo Short Ribs & Chicken Taquitos)
  • Skins Trio (Our Three Signature Potato Treats)
  • Batch Cocktails (Rum Punch, Red Sangria & Electric Strawberry Lemonade)
  • Rum Raisin Crisp (Oats and Brown Sugar with Chantilly Cream)




  • Pickle Chips (Cilantro Ranch)
  • Baja Tacos (Battered Fish, Cabbage, Queso Fresco, Pico & Baja Sauce)
  • The Big Red Burger (Sriracha Mayo, Pepper Jack Cheese, Jalapeno Peppers & Fried Onions)
  • The Bacon (1 Pound of Sliced Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato & Pepper Mayo on an Artisan Roll w/ Chips, Pickle & Potato Salad)


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No vegi-burgers?! Paul Brown Sradium has one! Time to get with the times, losing money from me and my fellow vegan/vegitarian baseball fans!

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