As Opening Day and the 2014 season rapidly approaches, many of you have Reds-related questions.

Tweet those questions using the hashtag #AskBOR and I will provide answers at the end of the work week, right here on Better Off Red. 

I’ll have one or two prizes for a lucky reader who participates.


The Cincinnati Reds Community Fund and the Motz Group have performed another local field renovation – this one in Winton Woods.  Take a look at the photos…

20140321_115354 20140321_115433 DSCN8644 DSCN8654 DSCN8661 DSCN8678 DSCN8684 DSCN8695


And speaking of baseball fields, here’s the current scene at Great American Ball Park…


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I have never won a Reds prize before so I hope this question is worthy of consideration. Will Price be more passionate and fiery than Baker? Last season the Reds looked uninterested in playing in the majority of games I watched. Can he motivate? Agitate? Aggravate? Placate when necessary? Interested in your thoughts.

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