There are few people in this world who can make me laugh like Lee May can.  He’s also the only person I know who can verbally put Marty Brennaman down for the count.

Lee, or as his friends call him – “Mo,” played in parts of 18 big league seasons and belted 354 career home runs.  He’s a Reds Hall of Famer and ranks 10th all-time among Reds leaders with a .490 slugging percentage.

Today, the “Big Bopper from Birmingham” celebrates his 71st birthday!

On behalf of the Rock Star Tour of the Reds Caravan, Better Off Red and Al McBean, we wish Mo a very happy birthday!



Always loved the Big Bad Bopper from Birmingham, Alabama! As an 11 year old, I was crushed when we traded him altho it took us from being a really good team and made us into a great team!




Happy Birthday Lee, I use too love to see you play ball.

Lee May was my favorite player when I was a kid. Since he was traded by the Reds I haven’t had a favorite in any sport. Happy Birthday and best wishes.

Happy Birthday Mo; I finally found Bernie Carbo a few months back on the internet . .

Happy Birthday Mr. May. You were always so great to us kids! And my Dad (Carl) always enjoyed talking with you at school functions!

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