The latest at the ballpark

With just 15 days until Reds baseball begins in Cincinnati, things are starting to get pretty busy around Great American Ball Park.  Our PR Manager and contributing BOR photographer, Michael “Mando” Anderson captured some of the activities from the past few days:

Reds Go Green

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, the GABP Team Shop rolls out GREEN Reds merchandise, including the jerseys the team will be wearing on Monday.  Stop by to pick up yours on St. Patty’s Day, beginning at 10am.


Opening Day Camp Out

Camping out for Opening Day tickets has become a Cincinnati tradition and despite the cold temperature, our fantastic fans once again turned out to create a tent city on Crosley Terrace.  A big “thanks” to Dunkin Donuts for providing the campers with delicious yummies.

 Turf Day

Turf Day at Great American Ball Park is the day when head groundskeeper Doug Gallant and his staff remove the grow blanket from the infield and outfield grass. The purpose of the grow blanket (which was installed in early February) is to insulate the grass and slightly raise the temperature of the soil and roots. The blanket speeds up the process of the grass coming out of winter dormancy and fools the turf into thinking it’s later in the springtime. Following the tarp removal, Doug and his staff will mow the grass for the first time in preparation for Opening Day 2014.

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Great St. Patty’s Day uniforms for the Reds!

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