The Reds defeated the Indians on Wednesday in the Cactus League opener, 8-3.  CLICK HERE for the box score.

Just before the game, Joey Votto requested Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon,” for his “at-bat” music.  Sound familiar?  It’s the same tune Todd Frazier steps in the batter’s box to.  Not sure if Joey was messing with Todd or not, but just before Votto’s first plate appearance of the game, he took a second to acknowledge the song and to point to Todd in the dugout.   Good stuff.  And don’t panic, I don’t think it means Joey is making a permanent switch from the Stones’ “Paint it Black.”

Billy Hamilton led off the game with a 10-pitch walk.  On the first pitch to the next batter, Hamilton swiped second and advanced to third when the catcher’s throw ended up in center field.  Here’s hoping we see a lot of that during the regular season.  I think we will.

The Reds scored 5 runs with 2 outs.

Chris Heisey got off to an early lead in the Cactus League MVP voting.  He crushed a 2-run homer in the seventh and ripped a long double in the ninth.

Donald Lutz laced a triple to center in the eighth.  I’m always amazed at how fast that big man can get around the bases.

Alfredo Simon, Chad Rogers and Pedro Beato were the most impressive on the mound.

Following the game, Bryan Price said he was pleased with the way the Redlegs played.  He specifically mentioned the defense, which was pretty good, especially in the second inning when the team turned a nifty 5-4-3 double play followed by a great play by Zack Cozart deep in the hole at short.

Here are a few pics from the game…


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