Sunday marked the first overcast day in Arizona since I got here last week…(not complaining so please don’t throw anything at me!)

Reds camp spent most of its focus today on pitchers fielding practice, or “PFP” for short.  It’s the less glamorous part of camp in which players sharpen up on  fundamentals, such as knowing what base to throw to, getting off the mound to take a throw at first, backing up throws, etc etc etc.

New Reds pitching coach Jeff Pico wore a microphone for Fox Sports Ohio during today’s workouts.  I’m anxious to see/hear the footage.  In regards to Pico and the rest of the new coaching staff, I’m already smitten with these guys.  They’ve been very kind and accommodating and I think they’re going to be pretty good for the Cincinnati Reds.  I spoke to bench coach Jay Bell today and he’s an incredible guy, too.  I remember Bryan Price telling me after the Caravan that the coaching staff is going to be a tight-knit, good group –  I’m finding out just that.

Speaking of Price (and the random conversations that occur during Spring Training), he introduced me today to the tragic story of Rick Stevens, the former lead singer of Tower of Power.  Crazy stuff.

We’ve had a few reporters from Taiwan here in Goodyear following non-roster pitcher Chien-Ming Wang.  After some very good seasons with the Yankees, Wang fell on tough times and bounced around trying to regain his form.  National baseball writer for the New York Times, Tyler Kepner told me he remembers when it all went south for Wang.  The Yankees were playing the Astros in an interleague game a few years ago when, rounding third base, Wang severely injured his foot.  He wasn’t the same after the injury.  Here’s hoping, as a Red, he rediscovers the success that made him a 2-time 19-game winner in New York.

Nice to hang out last night with two of my good pals and fellow NL Central colleagues, Mike Vassallo (Brewers) and Jason Carr (Cubs).  We took in a WWE event at the US Airways Arena in Phoenix.  Great seats in the second row presented us with a hilarious moment (at least for Jason and I) when one of the beautiful female wrestlers (Summer Rae) snarled at Vassallo and said “NO CHANCE” before waving him off with an exaggerated look of disgust.

Enjoy the photos.  Time for me to do some laundry…




You got to meet one of my favorite baseball writers! I hope Kepner puts together something good about Wang. He wrote a great piece for the Times about the 1990 Reds when Larkin got in the HOF.
Sounds like you are having a great time, Jamie. Keep bringing us these reports. Interesting insight to what goes on in AZ.

As a yoga teacher, it makes my heart happy to see a lot of yoga stretches in your photos. Some pretty impressive flexibility in those side-stretches! Also, thank you for not falling into the pun-pit of saying of “Wang fell on hard times”.

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