Over the past few days, media reports have surfaced calling into question Reds reliever Aroldis Chapman’s offseason routine and professional desire.  Sadly, these reports have also produced a few personal allegations that unfairly portray Chapman as someone that he’s not.

Today, Better Off Red obtained photos and video from Chapman’s cell phone that give a more realistic glimpse into his offseason.  This material includes photos of Chapman working out with amateur boxers, throwing with friends and spending time at the gym with his father.  The video below shows Chapman performing an intense training exercise in a pool with dumbbells; an exercise that he performs regularly.  Chapman prefers to work out with boxers because he likes the way they push him, their intensity and the increase in heart-rate he experiences from their exercises.

Aroldis sent us this material in an effort to show that he’s dedicated to his profession, his fans and the Cincinnati Reds.

The photos and video below were filmed/photographed last week and are a realistic representation of  how Chapman spends his time in the offseason…


Thanks Aroldis for providing these, and thanks Jamie for putting this together. Very cool.

It’s sad Aroldis had to do this to defend himself. Probably makes it that much harder for him to “let someone in” Good on you Chappy for clearing the air…the results of how you really prepare are allover the back of your baseball card!

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