As Day Two of our Rock Star Tour comes to an end and as we travel the highways and bi-ways of the great Hoosier State of Indiana, our reflections on today’s events are of the children.

Our first stop this morning was at Shephard Community Center in Indianapolis for a visit with youngsters ranging in ages from 4 to 10.  We were visibly moved by the very positive impressions that we left with these sweet children.  It was a time for Gapper to shine like never before as he acted out the reading of Casey at the Bat.

Some great mind once said, “we believe the children are our future.”  As we walked out of the door to re-board the bus to the chants of “Let’s go Reds,” this gathering of greatness realized that we are in very good hands when it comes to this group of youngsters.

There’s no group among the four, that make up this 2014 Reds Caravan, that enjoys the camaraderie and adulation that we bring about by visiting our network stations; never more evident than today with our visits to WCVL Radio in Crawfordsville (In.) and WSFC in Terre Haute.  These folks are genuinely excited when our group walks through the door, however their excitement is minor in comparison to the excitement we have in visiting and yes, breaking bread, with our friends – Reds fans in this heartland of the great United States of America.

The one overriding comment that we get from these great folks upon our departure from these stations and fan stops is that they won’t have us but for every 4 years, now instead of every 3.

As we leave to a familiar refrain of “thank you, thank you, thank you,” a refrain that we receive from each stop, we say ‘no’ –  THANK YOU.

The mention of thanks from this gathering of greatness was overwhelming after a final stop tonight in Cardinal Country – Evansville, IN.  In the history of the Reds Caravan, never has there been a stop in this Indiana city.  To say that the response to the Cincinnati Reds and the Rock Star Group was overwhelming is a gross understatement.  So large was the crowd that we had to remain over time, something we are accustomed to doing on almost every one of our stops.  Converts?  You better believe it.  They came into the mall Cardinal fans, they left Reds fans. ..for life.

In closing, we have taken verbal shots today from such abject underlings as Thom Brennaman, Tracy Jones and, shockingly, Jeff Brantley.  We can put these people and others like them in the same category – star-gazers.  I could go on and on about a truly memorable day, but then again, surrounded by the great human beings that I am, I could say that about every day.

You know, Juliet said to Romeo , “parting is such sweet sorrow.”  But I gotta go to bed.

Until next time

Mercury Marty

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