Hi gang!  Checking in from the Western leg of the 2014 Reds Caravan Tour.

I’m writing from the bus as we just parked at  the Ponderosa in Portland, IN.  The traveling party is about to begin a meet-n-greet with the fine citizens of Portland and chat with the local radio station (WPGW).

The stops so far on our first day have been fantastic.

We began this morning with the first ever Reds Caravan Home Takeover.  This stop was truly unique as it was the first time the Caravan appeared at a fan’s home.  That lucky fan was Sherry Gregor.  You might recognize her husband as former University of Cincinnati basketball standout, Keith Gregor.  Sherry and Keith were incredible hosts.  The hospitality they showed us went above and beyond anything we ever expected.  And what a great house!  I couldn’t think of a better way to start our day.  (A very special thank you from the West Tour goes out to Sherry and Keith)

Our next stop on the tour brought us back to the historic Sherman House in Batesville, IN.  A staple on the Reds Caravan, the Sherman House gives a chance to catch up with the friends and familiar faces we’ve got to know in Batesville.  The traveling party went on the airwaves with WRBI radio to spread the goodwill of the Reds.

My favorite quote so far has come from Batesville where new Red Brayan Pena described his role with the team as, “the backup (catcher), to be a great teammate, to be a great person.”

You guys are going to love Pena.  While on the bus he told us the story of how he arrived to the US from Cuba.  An incredibly riveting story.  It gave me chills.

Batesville also provided another memorable quote.  An older gentleman in the crowd asked Doug Flynn the following, and I quote:  “Who the hell are you?”  Doug, quick on his feet, replied, “Ah, they just picked me up at the county line.”

From Batesville we went to Richmond, IN and made our triumphant return to one of our favorite stops – Chuck’s Sports Bar.  As usual, the folks at Chuck’s took great care of us and the people with WKBV radio were very kind and accommodating.

And that brings us to Portland, the northern-most point of our entire trip.  This is our last smaller “radio” stop of the day before our big public stop tonight in Muncie.  We will be in Muncie tonight from 5:30 to 8:00 at Stoops Automotive.  Come see us and buy a car!

The next Western Tour blog recap will come from the one and only, “Mercury” Marty Brennaman.  And yes, he’s been his mercurial self so far!

Enjoy the pics.  More soon…



Agggh! Wish I would have known you were in Portland! I would have been there to see you. When I checked the schedule, it just said Muncie.

Great writing Jamie – Really enjoyed it. I felt like I was right there with you.

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