Reds reliever Logan Ondrusek last night joined Marty and Thom Brennaman at the Holy Grail Banks for the weekly Reds Hot Stove League Radio Show.

Here are some highlights and photos from the show…


On it being beneficial living in Cincinnati in the offseason and working out at Great American Ball Park in the winter months:

Ondrusek: Definitely. We did it last year, me and Sam (LeCure), we stayed here and worked out together.  It’s great.  You have someone you know, someone in baseball to work you out.

When he began his offseason workouts:

Ondrusek: We took all of October off and started on the first Monday in November.  We go down there five days a week for about an hour-and-a-half to two hours, sometimes longer.


On pitchers running to get in shape:

Ondrusek: As a reliever, running is good – especially the sprinting.  It’s all about explosion.  We are out there for 15 to 30 pitches at a time, so that’s a lot of explosion, a lot of short bursts.  The starters need the endurance and the strength, so they do a lot more distance running.

On what he knows about new Reds pitching coach Jeff Pico:

Ondrusek:  I know he lives in Idaho.  He was with the Diamondbacks for a little while when Bryan Price was over there.  I got to talk to him a little bit at Redsfest.


If his 115 appearances over the past two seasons were too many, not enough or just right:

Ondrusek: I’d like to be out there as much as possible.  Anywhere between 60 and 70 appearances but whenever they call my name, I’ll go out there and pitch.


On the most draining part of being a reliever:

Ondrusek: Anywhere between the fifth and eighth innings.  Certain situations arise where they’ll get you ready to go in the fifth inning, and then the starter gets out of it.  Then, you have to sit around for a little bit.  The seventh inning comes around and the starter gets into trouble again, so you’ve got to get ready again.  The guy gets out of it again or they go a different way with a lefty coming in.  All of the sudden, it’s the eighth inning and they say, ‘Now you’re in.’  So you already got hot two or three times before you go out there and throw your 10-15 pitches.  If you do that over and over, that’ll wear you down more than anything.

If you go in there one time, get loose and go in the game – your mind’s right, your body’s right and everything just goes.  It’s like starting a car on a cold day – it takes a little bit to get going, and every time you turn it off, it takes a little more to get going again.

His goal:

Ondrusek: My goal every year is to pitch late in the game and as much as possible.


On how the roles change when relievers get injured:

Ondrusek: They lean on Broxton and Marshall in the eighth inning, but once those guys get hurt, somebody’s got to step up and fill those roles.  You may not have done it before but you know you can do it.  It’s just a matter of proving it, and once you have some success there, it shows everyone that ‘I can do this and I’m ready to go whenever you need me.’  It just builds confidence in you and everybody.  Everybody wants to pitch the last three innings of the game.


On when he gets the itch to pitch in the offseason:

Ondrusek: Probably about a week after the season ends.  Once the season ends, you’re tired and thinking about how it didn’t go the way you wanted it to.  But once you’re at home, watching the playoff games, you’re ready to get going again.  For me, it’s right away.



Be sure to catch the next Reds Hot Stove League radio show at the Holy Grail Banks on January 7.  For more information, CLICK HERE.


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