The annual “Managers Luncheon” took place this afternoon at the MLB Winter Meetings in Orlando.  The event is designed to allow each teams’ media contingent to break bread with “their” club’s  manager.

Following lunch, each league’s managers come together for a group photo.  Below is the NL photo featuring new Reds skipper, Bryan Price.



Reds GM Walt Jocketty today told Reds writers that the club must prepare to move forward as if Shin-Soo Choo isn’t returning to Cincinnati.  He never ruled out re-signing Mr. Choo, but he did say the team should prepare to move on.

Walt also stated that the team hasn’t been close on acquiring offense.  He said that the seeds for trades are usually planted at the GM Meetings (last month) and culminate either during the Winter Meetings or a week or so after.

Yesterday Jocketty revealed that the Reds have revisited Bronson Arroyo to determine his free agency progress.  Walt didn’t rule out bringing back Bronson.  He also said the team is trying to sign Homer Bailey to a long-term contract.


I’ll have more from the Winter Meetings.  In the meantime, my colleague, Larry Herms and I are going to go ride some roller coasters.

Expect good news!


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