If you’re attending Redsfest today, be sure to take part in the scavenger hunt.  You can either print out the clues below or pick up a clue sheet in the Connect Zone.

Finish the hunt, turn your sheet in to the Connect Zone desk and you might just win a prize!

Reds Connect Zone Scavenger Hunt

1. Which Reds mascot is pitching to you at the batting cage?

2. Take a picture of yourself at the Reds Piggy Bank (Donation to the Reds Community Fund optional)

3. Who are Santa’s helpers holding giant candy canes and wearing green “Santa” hats on the third floor?

4. How many ping-pong tables are located on the 2nd floor?

5. What company is listed as the sponsor on the Redsfest Memorabilia sign?

6. Go to the Reds HOF section and find out which inductee was nicknamed “Wahoo Sam”.

7. Which Reds Hall of Famer owned the pool table in the Reds Connect Zone?

8. What year is printed on the 24-foot baseball bat displayed on the first floor?

9. What player’s picture is featured in the “Stealing Home” challenge?

10. What uniform number is on this year’s Reds Head member home jersey?

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