Five weeks ago, Better Off Red polls opened for the prestigious Cincinnati Reds end-of-the-season awards known as “The Burt Awards.” Every Monday since, a new collection of categories was unveiled for BOR readers to vote upon.  Over a month and 21,000 votes later, it’s now finally time to announce the winners of “The Burts“…

Today we will announce the winners of the Week Four categories.  For Week One results, CLICK HERE.  For Week Two results, CLICK HERE.  For Week Three results, CLICK HERE.

Envelopes please…


We begin Week Four’s results with Favorite Game.  Last year, Homer Bailey sewed up this category by throwing a no-hitter.

Who would’ve guessed that Bailey would throw another “no-no” in 2013?  But has the no-hitter “novelty” worn off for voters?

Nine candidates combined for 421 votes.

And the Burt Award for Favorite Game goes to…


Bailey’s no-hitter collected 216 votes, accounting for over half of the total results.  This is a solid indication that Reds fans respect the accomplishment of a no-hitter, no matter how often it may occur.

Second place: May 7 vs. Atlanta: Mesoraco and Choo hit back-to-back homers off Kimbrel for walkoff win (17%)

Notes:  The photo took longer to create than it did for Homer to throw the no-hitter.


Up next is Best Twitter Account.  Reds fans have a major presence on the social media scene, particularly Twitter.  Without those online fans, Joey Votto wouldn’t be the “Face of MLB,” and all of that #Whiff money would be in Los Angeles right now.

But of all the Reds Twitter accounts, which one resonates most with the fans?  Probably the uber-popular @DatDudeBP account, right?  After all, he’s the defending champion in this category.

Well, you may (or may not) be surprised.  The winner, with 198 of the 549 votes is…


Reds Digital Media Director @LisaBraun overcomes the odds to win the Burt Award!

Lisa doesn’t have the most followers of the 24 nominees but she does have a knack for online interaction.  She’s accessible, friendly and knowledgeable and allows Reds fans that follow her, a place to comment, vent and/or ask questions.  She’s also known to have some fun from time-to-time.  Upon further review, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that her loyal legion of supporters helped propel her to victory – after all, they did the same for the Face of MLB and #Whiff contests.

Second place: @DatDudeBP (19%)


Our next category is “Grittiest.”  Ryan Hanigan is the two-time defending champ and was nominated again this year.  Can he make it three in-a-row?

Of the nine nominees, the winner with 78 of the 374 votes is…


Three straight for Ryan!

Second place: Homer Bailey (16%)

Notes:  This was probably the most balanced of the Burt results.  The votes were spread out fairly among seven of the nine candidates.  Bailey took second with 60 votes, just 4 more than third place finisher Shin-Soo Choo and 8 more than Sam LeCure.


One of my personal favorite categories is next – Player You Best Not Mess With.

Jonny Gomes, the inspiration of this poll, was the inaugural winner in 2011.  Mat Latos won it last year and is nominated again this year.  Will he repeat?

Six candidates amassed 431 votes.

The winner, with 210 votes is….


I’ve heard it described more than once that Latos is a “beast” on the mound.  If you watch games in which he’s pitching, Mat can look pretty ferocious, so it’s no surprise he wins this category again in 2013.

Second place: Corky Miller (18%)

Notes:  I would have to think Jonathan Broxton’s injury this year took away from his vote total.  He finished with 15% and probably would’ve gotten my support if I were eligible to vote.


Our final category of the day is Performance of the Year and is normally reserved for Homer Bailey no-hitters (2012 winner).

But just to make sure, let’s reveal the winner anyway…..


Another season, another Bailey no-hitter.  Of the 10 candidates, the winner received 230 of the 454 total votes.

Second place: Jay Bruce, the only player in the Majors with at least 43 doubles, 30 HR and 109 RBI (13%)

Notes:  The 2014 awards for “Favorite Game” and “Performance of the Year” hinges on when (not if) Homer throws his third no-hitter.


That’s all for today.  Please tune in Friday for the grand finale as we announce the winners for Best Nickname, Favorite Food at GABP, Best Special Event of 2013, Your Vote for 2014 Bobblehead, Favorite Section at GABP, Favorite Game-Time Start, Reds Player with the Best Music in 2013 and Favorite Place to Go Following a Reds Game.

In addition to the victors above, there is one more winner to announce:

Congratulations to “shermanridges,” an active participant in the Burt Awards discussion. For his efforts, Sherman’s been randomly selected as a winner of a cool prize from BOR HQ.

I’ll be awarding a new winner tomorrow, so feel free to get noticed by either leaving a comment on the blog or by including the hashtag #TheBurts in your tweets.

Expect good news,



That board game is awesome . . .and bonus, that guy in the top left looks like you!

OMG, the red hulk might be better than the board game!

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