Five weeks ago, Better Off Red polls opened for the prestigious Cincinnati Reds end-of-the-season awards known as “The Burt Awards.” Every Monday since, a new collection of categories was unveiled for BOR readers to vote upon.  Over a month and 21,000 votes later, it’s now finally time to announce the winners of “The Burts“…

Today we will announce the winners of the Week Three categories.  For Week One results, CLICK HERE.  For Week Two results, CLICK HERE.

Envelopes please…


We begin today with Best Fielder.  This one was decided not too long after the polls opened.  The winner received 324 of the 602 total votes.

The Burt Award for Best Fielder goes to…

Best Fielder

Brandon has now made history as the only three-time winner in two separate Burt Awards categories.  In addition to “Best Fielder,” he has won the “Burt” all three years in the “Player You Most Enjoy Watching” category.

Second place: Jay Bruce (31%)


Our next poll is also a Burt Awards original category – “Great Red Hope.”  Voters feel that this poll’s winner carries “the most hope” into the 2014 season.  Six candidates amassed 586 votes.

Your winner, with 255 votes is….


With just 13 big league games under his belt, Billy Hamilton has now won three Burt Awards!  Impressive.

Second place: Johnny Cueto – Rebound from Injury-Plagued 2013 (18%)

Notes:  I was a bit surprised that the “Free Agent Signing or Player Via Trade” nominee received only 12% of the vote.


Up next is Best In-Game Feature at Great American Ball Park.  There were 13 nominees in this category, collecting a combined 519 votes.

The winner, with 213 votes is…


No surprise here.  This promotion received a lot of media exposure, and let’s face it, people love free pizza.

The winner couldn’t be here to accept its award, but on its behalf – I’d like to thank Reds pitchers, opponents’ batters and hungry Reds fans everywhere.

Second place: Powerstacks Flames Following a Reds Pitcher Strikeout (14%)

Notes:  Although the Scoreboard Stumper nominee was a late addition to the poll, it still didn’t collect a single vote!  Very disappointing.  If I was eligible to vote, I would’ve gone with it.  Keep your head up, Scoreboard Stumper.  I still love you.


Our next category is Best Mascot.  You know the usual suspects – Mr. Redlegs, Gapper, Rosie Red and Mr. Red.  The two-time winner in this category is Mr. Redlegs.  Can he make it three straight?

And the winner, with 201 of the 502 total votes is….


When polls opened last month, Mr. Redlegs told Mascot Illustrated that, if he were to win again this year, he would get a tattoo of Pete Rose.  So where’s it gonna be, Redlegs?

Second place: Mr. Red (21%)

Notes: Rosie Red finished in third place, just 3 votes shy of Mr. Red.


Our final category of the day is Best Facial Hair.  This one wasn’t as close as many of us here at BOR HQ thought it’d be.  The five worthy woolly nominees combined for 596 votes.

The winner, with 51% of the vote (306 votes) is…


Second place: Sam LeCure (40%)

Notes:  It was clear from the start that this category belonged to Corky and Sam.  However, it was nice to see all five nominees receive votes.  Here’s hoping J.J.’s beard continues to grow in size and popularity.


That’s all for today.  Please tune in Thursday as we announce the winners for Favorite Game, Best Twitter Account, “Grittiest”, Player You Best Not Mess With and Performance of the Year.

In addition to the victors above, there is one more winner to announce:

Congratulations to @lish0803, an active participant in the Burt Awards discussion. For her efforts, Alicia’s been selected as a random winner of a cool prize from BOR HQ.

I’ll be awarding a new winner each day this week, so feel free to get noticed by either leaving a comment on the blog or by including the hashtag #TheBurts in your tweets.

Expect good news,



Of course Brandon wins best fielder people would be stupid to not vote for him look at all those spectacular plays he has had and how many times he has been on ESPN’s top ten plays! I catch myself with my camera fixed on him when i go to the game hoping to catch him doing a spectacular play Love Love love him

Awesome stuff!

Mr. Red will always be #1

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