Five weeks ago, Better Off Red polls opened for the prestigious Cincinnati Reds end-of-the-season awards known as “The Burt Awards.” Every Monday since, a new collection of categories was unveiled for BOR readers to vote upon.  Over a month and 21,000 votes later, it’s now finally time to announce the winners of “The Burts“…

Today we will announce the winners of the Week Two categories.  For Week One results, CLICK HERE.

Envelopes please….


We begin today with Most Outstanding Pitcher.  The five candidates netted a combined  1,350 votes.

Your winner with 612 votes is….


Latos went 14-7 with a sterling 3.16 ERA in 32 starts for the Reds in 2013.  He ranked among National League leaders in wins (T10th), innings pitched (210.2, 7th) and winning percentage (.667, T5th).  His 14 victories tied a career high.

Second place: Homer Bailey (39%)

Notes:  Latos was the clear-cut winner but Bailey made a very strong late push in the poll.


Our next category is Best Hair.  The eight nominees included past winners Sam LeCure and Bronson Arroyo.  Overall, 923 votes were cast for this award.

The winner with 371 votes is…


Arroyo is now a back-to-back winner in this category.

Second place: Jay Bruce (19%)


Up next is “Player You Most Enjoy Watching.”  There were 12 candidates this year, totaling 1,047 votes.

Your winner, with 328 votes is…


Brandon Phillips joins Marty Brennaman (Best Announcer) as the only three-time winners in their respective categories.

Second place: Billy Hamilton (16%)

Notes:  I was kind of surprised to see Hamilton finish second, considering he only played in 13 games.  Reds fans obviously have high hopes for this young man and are excited for what he brings to the table.


And speaking of Billy….

There were 10 nominees for the category of Super Sub.  A total of 916 votes were cast.

The winner with 340 votes is….


Second place: Devin Mesoraco (17%)

Notes:  The exclusion of Tony Cingrani in this pool of nominees was a significant oversight on my part.  For this mistake, I’ve punished myself with 48 straight hours of Miley Cyrus music.


A total of 1,025 votes were cast for our next category – Best Swing.  Of the five candidates, this one became a two-man race.

The winner with 415 votes is…


Second place:  Joey Votto (33%)

Notes: Votto had a commanding lead going into the final week of voting.  Bruce fans cranked it up over the final few days to push Jay to victory.  I had actually completed the Votto “victory” photo for this category; that photo is now in an unknown third-world country with all of those St. Louis Cardinals 2013 World Series Champs t-shirts.


Our final result of the day was a hot-button topic among Reds fans.

During the seventh-inning stretch at Great American Ball Park, the 1967 hit song “Cincinnati, Ohio” by Connie Smith is played throughout the stadium.  Many love the song; many don’t.  It became a point of debate among those attending Reds games, reaching “Skyline vs. Gold Star” proportions.  Naturally, we put it to a poll.

466 of the 886 votes determined the result…


Notes:  I agree with the majority on this one.  I like the song and I like that it’s played during Reds games.  Many teams play silly or folksy songs during games that are identified with their city or state, so this isn’t unusual.  The Reds experimented with “Hang on Sloopy” a few years ago, and as much as I appreciated the effort, that song will always belong to Columbus and Cleveland.  “Cincinnati, Ohio” is ours.  Corny?  Sure.  Fun?  Why not.  Go with it.  Plus, Connie Smith is awesome.  My only complaint is that the song’s video is painful and nearly unwatchable.


That’s all for today.  Please tune in Wednesday as we announce the winners for Best Fielder, “Great Red Hope for 2014,” Best In-Game Feature at GABP, Best Mascot and Best Facial Hair.

In addition to the victors above, there is one more winner to announce:

Congratulations to @frankrva, an active participant in the Burt Awards discussion. For his efforts, Frank’s been selected as a random winner of a cool prize from BOR HQ.

I’ll be awarding a new winner each day this week, so feel free to get noticed by either leaving a comment on the blog or by including the hashtag #TheBurts in your tweets.

Expect good news,



Bronson in curlers . . . this made my day!

Where did you dig up that album of Connie Smith ? !

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