Five weeks ago, Better Off Red polls opened for the prestigious Cincinnati Reds end-of-the-season awards known as “The Burt Awards.”  Every Monday since, a new collection of categories was unveiled for BOR readers to vote upon.

Over a month and 21,000 votes later, it’s now finally time to announce the winners of “The Burts“…

Today we will announce the winners of the Week One categories.

Without further ado…


Our first category is Most Valuable Player.  This was the most active poll, with Reds fans casting 1,657 votes.

The winner, by just 62 votes is….


Choo batted .285 with 21 home runs, 54 RBI, 20 steals and a whopping .423 on-base percentage.  The 2013 season marked a season of firsts for Choo; a new team, a new position (center field), a new spot in the batting order (leadoff) and career highs in runs scored (107), walks (112) and OBP.  He also led the National League in hit by pitches (26).  Congratulations to Shin-Soo Choo, the 2013 Burt Award Winner for MVP!

Second place: Jay Bruce (32%)

Notes:  Joey Votto edged Brandon Phillips for third place by just one single vote (246-245).


Our next category is Best Baserunner.  This one wasn’t even close.  First-place collected 1,092 of the 1,364 votes.

Your winner is…


In just 13 games, Hamilton made quite an impact – stealing 13 bases in 14 attempts.  He also scored 9 runs while driving opposing pitchers and catchers crazy.

Second place: Shin-Soo Choo (12%)


Next is Best Newbie.  This one was another “no contest” as 82% of the 1,385 votes favored the winner.

Envelope please….


Second place: Billy Hamilton (12%)

Notes:  It was nice to see Manny Parra get well-deserved votes.  He had a great bounce-back season in his first year with the Reds.


Up next is Best Announcer.  Of the 11 nominees, the winner amassed 515 of the 1,395 votes.

Congratulations to our first 3-time winner….


“Mercury” Marty Brennaman has swept this category in each of the first three years of The Burt Awards.  I’m sure he’s somewhere right now celebrating this incredible honor.

Second place: Jeff Brantley (16%)

Notes: To give you an idea of how popular Sean Casey remains among Reds fans, he finished in third place with 183 votes (13%).  The battle for fourth place was a good one as Reds PA announcer Joe Zerhusen (109) beat out Jim Day (105) and Chris Welsh (102).


Our final category of the day is Best GABP Promotional Giveaway.  Nearly 1,300 votes were cast for the 26 nominees.  First-place accumulated 207 votes.

The winner, for the second year-in-a-row is…


You people love your drinking apparatuses.

Second place: Mat Latos bobblehead (172 votes)

Notes: The Joe Morgan t-shirt finished in third-place, just 2 votes behind the Latos bobblehead.  Every one of the 26 nominees received at least 1 vote.


That’s all for today.  Please tune in Tuesday as we announce the winners for Most Outstanding Pitcher, Best Hair, Player You Most Enjoy Watching, Super Sub and Best Swing.  We’ll also reveal the results of the Cincinnati, Ohio song poll.

In addition to the victors above, there is one more winner to announce:

Congratulations to “vanessa,” an active participant in the Burt Awards discussion.  For for her efforts, she’s been selected as a random winner of a cool prize from BOR HQ.

I’ll be awarding a new winner each day this week, so feel free to get noticed by either leaving a comment on the blog or by including the hashtag #TheBurts in your tweets.

Expect good news,



Well done, Jamie. Keep us up to date on Redsfest, too.

Excellent photos Jamie! Marty never looked so good!!!

I have to admit, I’m impressed by some of the results. I’m glad fans put some thought into MVP and Newbie voting. Marty will probably be the Best Announcer in the eyes of Reds fans long after he retires. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s results!

Thanks, Jamie, for doing these awards – it’s a really fun way to wind up the 2013 season! Love what you did with the award posters!

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