Welcome to the fifth and final week of The Burt Awards!

Every Monday for the past month, Better Off Red has unveiled categories and nominees for the most prestigious Reds end-of-the-season awards -“The Burts.”  If you’ve missed any of the previous polls or if you simply want to cast your vote again, click Here, Here, Here and Here.

  • Polls will close at Midnight, November 10.
  • Results will be posted right here on BOR on Monday, November 11.

As many of you already know, Better Off Red has announced a random “Fan Participation” winner during each week of Burt Awards voting.  Week Four’s Fan Participation winner is GSpitler.  G will receive a really cool prize from BOR Headquarters.

Would you like to be Week Five’s winner?   It’s your last chance, and since this is the final week, I’m going to award two winners – one from Twitter and one who comments on this blog.

  • To be Week Five’s Twitter winner, simply include the hashtag #TheBurts in your tweets this week.
  • To be Week Five’s Blog winner, simply leave a comment to THIS blog entry below.

I will announce the two random winners on Monday when the voting results are revealed for the 2013 Burt Awards.

Without further ado, here are the final categories that need your votes…

Leading off the final week of voting is “Best Nickname.”  In a day-and-age when most players’ nicknames have been reduced to simply adding a “y” or “ie” to their surnames, the Reds and their fans still manage to come up with some catchy monikers.  Which is your favorite?   Last year, “The Toddfather” took home the Burt with 37% of the vote.  Frazier is nominated twice this year.


Next up is Favorite Food at GABP.  Whenever you go to Great American Ball Park, there’s that one delicious item that you can’t watch the game without. What is it at GABP that makes your belly growl and your tongue slap your eyeballs?  And if the menu we listed doesn’t suit ya, click “other” and write in your vote in the comments section of this post.  The winner last year, with 20% of the vote was the good ol’ fashioned hot dog.


Our next category is “Best Special Event of 2013.”  It was a busy year for our Reds staff, especially the Entertainment and Productions and Promotional Events departments.  Several really cool Reds events took place in 2013.  Which was your favorite?  Last year, the “Shave Marty” event won with 34% of the vote.


We know how much you folks love your bobbleheads, so pay attention to this next category.  Of the nominees listed below, which would you like to see made into a bobblehead in 2014?  And please note, this is just for our amusement and there are no promises that the “winner” will get a bobblehead next year.


The next category is new to The Burts this year – “Favorite Section at Great American Ball Park.”  Where is that you like to sit or hang out at beautiful GABP when you come to a Reds game?


Another new category this year is “Favorite Game Time Start.”  Late afternoon, early evening, west coast, business day special?  Ideally, what is your favorite time to watch a Reds game?


Easily, one of the most popular blog posts here on Better Off Red involves Reds “At-Bat Music.”  Which Reds player had the Best Music in 2013?  If you need a point of reference, Click HERE to scroll through all the 2013 music updates.


Finally, the last category of the 2013 Burt Awards is – Favorite Place to Go After a Reds Game.  Where is that you like to celebrate a Reds victory (or on a rare occasion, mourn a defeat)?


Well, that about does ‘er.  All of the nominees for the 2013 Burt Awards have officially been announced.  It’s up to you to decide the winners!

Thanks for participating!

Expect good news,


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This was fun! I’m impatiently awaiting Opening Day already…

Favorite Food – Ballpark Steakburger – as in Hamburger. When the Ballpark opened in 2003 they could be found everywhere, Slowly, the massive steakburger as esed out of the picture, first – at the left field Fowl Pole Grill, it was replaced by the Pro Shop. Then it was removed from several other concessions. Now you have to get someone in Sportservice to look it up on a map. Steakburger, with pickle spear, waffle fries. IT WAS THE in teh house and now it can rarely be found !i

The Burts get better every year. Thanks for a great 2013!

Frisch’s Big Boy

Thanks for another fun year of Burts!! Can we do this every Monday during the off season??

Always fun, these Burts.

Smokehouse Mac n’ Cheese!

And Kettle Corn!

Wish I could say I voted for one of the fun places to visit after going to a Reds game, but with an almost 3 hour drive, it’s just “Home” for me!

Fun time voting!

Last chance to win something cool from BOR…Good Luck to Me

Can’t wait to see who the winners are. Best music is hands down Mat with that Adele mix he used.

Rock Bottom

Cards vs Reds Opening Day, can’t wait !

Thanks Jamie! I am hoping that next year’s questions involve the Reds’ highlights of the 2014 World Series.

I changed my answer multiple times before voting. Some of these are SO HARD to choose between. I might need to vote again to give all my choices a fighting chance.

another fun year voting for the BURT’S! As always a great idea on BOR!

The best music this year was Firework Friday music selection from Better Off Red!! Awesome Night

Why was the Beach Boys concert not in special events?!? Who doesn’t love leis, beach balls, and John Stamos?

Tough catagories, tough choices… DANG!

Tough catagories, tough choices… DANG! Can you add a “All of the above” choice next year???!!!??!!!

The Burts are great! Thanks!

Voted again, just because. Wanted to point out that the Great 8 Night gave my brother and I the chance to see our Dad’s favorite catcher behind the plate with our dad right beside us.

Least favorite ballpark event, bark in the park. As a mailman I have to listen to damn dogs all day long, I avoid these games like the plague

And always get a cheddarwurst at the park with spicy mustard

One vote for the “cowboy” chicky leg bobblehead. Yesss sirrr!!!!!! Me hearts bor! !!!!!!!

Mr. Reds Smokehouse is the best in the stadium.

UDF on the way home! The Cowboy would be shocked it’s not on the list.

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