On Wednesday, I sat down for a two-part interview with new Reds manager Bryan Price.  Below is part one in which Bryan talks about in-game strategy, his managing style and becoming the first “Bryan/Brian” to become a big league skipper…..

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We should have kept Johnny Gomes he brings a lot to a team the spark we was missing the last month of the season. Losing lud on opening day hurt jc being on the dl 3 times marshal and Braxton on the dl hurt us too but I can’t say it was a bad year cause playoffs 3-4 years now let’s go out and get the hardware they and us fans thoughts are keep Choo trade for ugla I love bp but Dan would fit in good turn Billy Hamilton into a 2nd baseman. Go out and get a Johnny Gomes style right fielder. Lock up jay Bruce he’s a beast best left fielder in the game.we do need a power hitting right handed bat maybe a Ryan bruan we could get him cheap and if he keeps his nose clean that would be a good fit

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