Welcome to Week Two of The Burt Awards!

Every Monday, through November 4, a new batch of categories will be unveiled for voting.  Polls will close at Midnight, November 10. Results will be posted right here on BOR on Monday, November 11.

Before we get to this week’s categories, don’t forget to vote for Week One’s nominees.

And speaking of Week One – congratulations to @nesi66, who, for talking up The Burts, wins a special prize from Better Off Red Headquarters!

Would you like to be Week Two’s winner?  Simply participate in the discussion by leaving a comment on this blog post and/or by including the hashtag #TheBurts in your tweets this week.  I will announce one random winner prior to the unveiling of next week’s nominees.

Without further ado, here are the new categories that need your votes…

Our first category for Week Two is Most Outstanding Pitcher.  It was another successful season for Bryan Price’s pitching staff and the five nominees for this award are all worthy of winning.  Who will you vote for?  Johnny Cueto was last year’s winner with 51% of the vote but due to the time he spent on the DL, he is not a nominee this year.


Who had the Best Hair on the team in 2013?  Last year, 38% of you picked Bronson Arroyo.  Will he repeat?  Remember this category is for best hair and shouldn’t be confused with Best Facial Hair (a category that will be unveiled in the coming weeks).


As long as Brandon Phillips plays for Cincinnati, I have no doubt he will be a nominee for this next category – Player You Most Enjoy Watching.  @DatDudeBP took home the hardware last year with 52% of the vote.  He has some stiff competition this year as the pool of nominees was expanded to a whopping 12 players.


Every baseball manager will tell you that it’s very important to have a good bench.  There are many crucial situations during the season and during individual games that call for a Super Sub.  Who was the best in this category for the Reds in 2013?  Last year, it was Todd Frazier (80%).


Whether it’s a beautiful smooth swing from the left side or an unorthodox (yet effective) hack from the right – handling the bat can be a work of art.  Who had the Best Swing in 2013?  Last year, you voted for Joey Votto (53%).


BONUS POLL:  Many teams in Major League Baseball have “their song” that they traditionally play in their home ballpark.  The Rangers and Astros play “Deep in the Heart of Texas.”  The Red Sox have “Sweet Caroline” and the Yankees play “New York, New York.”  In 2013, the Reds began playing a song during the seventh-inning stretch called “Cincinnati, Ohio” by Connie Smith.  What did you think?


That’s it for Week Two!  Thanks for voting, and don’t forget to take the discussion to Twitter by using the hashtag #TheBurts and/or leaving your thoughts in the comments section of this post!

More categories next week!

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#teamLatos! #TheBurts!

Totally fun! Glad to have so many good choices in most categories.

I am shocked LeCure didn’t make it onto best hair! Dude has some solid locks going for him.

The worst part about voting for The Burts is that they only come out once a week!! Keep up the good work!!

always enjoy the “BURTS” they are lots of fun!

Enjoying Better Off Red, Jamie. Continue to keep us informed during the offseason as we look forward to 2014.

Make sure to talk it up on twitter or leave a comment. This is fun and you could win an awesome prize package. #VoteCorky We love Corky!!

Great bonus question!

Biggest discussion this week in our house was the Best Pitcher category. It’s very hard to choose among such great starters. I guess that’s usually a good “problem” to have.

Love the Burt Awards!

verry good/fun questions just something off topic reds need to make a push to have Devin mesoraco as starting catcher give him the time and he is your guy #theburt

I love Bruce – and I’ve always loved his hair and his swing, so I love that he got a mention in both categories!😀

Corky for manager!! A hard-nosed player who deserves a chance at the reins of the big team. Very knowledgeable. I didn’t vote for him in any categories, but I have a lot of respect for his work ethic and the way he has stuck it out, no more playing time than the gets with the big team.

Leake for fighting back after fans wanted to bump him for Chapman in the rotation(was debated a ASG snub for a minute), Christiani just to mix it up(although LeCure should quality with facial hair), FlavaFraz, B-Ham was the definition of Super Sub, Bruce was on and off but gets my vote just to give him more confidence on his smoother swing, and yes.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cincinnati OH song.

Love this. Right now there isn’t any games on worth watching, so this keeps me occuppied for now.

This is so much fun! But so hard to choose – how do you pick between Jay Bruce’s HR swing and Todd Frazier’s golf swing? LOL I agree with Matt above though – surprised #63 isn’t on the list for best hair. LeCure’s got a lion’s mane hidden under that ballcap!

The super sub catagory was tough. I hope Hoover gets it.

The super sub catagory was a tough choice. I hope JJ pulls it out.

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